How Businesses Can Personalize Content Marketing Strategies in 2020

Digital content marketing has been growing fast for the past decade. Every major brand is online now, trying to engage more and more customers with their content, and for a good reason. Content marketing was long known for its several long-term benefits. This steady growth in popularity is bringing forward several essential outcomes. Content creation is quickly exceeding content demand. You may have noticed that there’s a substantial amount of content already created for any possible question you may have. Check out content marketing Singapore 

Consumers are being spoiled as there’s more access to more content they possibly need. It’s getting harder and harder to surprise or engage them and to compete with bigger content marketing budgets. The more that big brands start building content through content marketing agency services, the higher the content standards, and the more your target audience expects from any content they come across. The great thing about digital marketing is that ingenuity and creativity can always win over big marketing budgets.

Dynamic personalization is another trend that is making its way into the marketing industry, despite all the growing privacy concerns. Marketing personalization means customizing the web experience for each user. Personalization is not segmenting, which means providing a personalized experience to an identified group of web users. Through customized product and content suggestions, many companies have been providing customized user experience for ages. Younger generations of consumers rely heavily on Artificial-Intelligence-powered personalized product recommendations and customized social media ads when making shopping decisions online.

Collaborating Different Types of Content to Bridge Gaps

Content collaboration means working with other people (inside and outside your company) on creating and marketing your content asset. Collaboration is a possible answer to most of your content marketing struggles. It allows you to save on content creation and marketing and compete with higher budgets. Collaboration lets you discover more unique angles and formats you wouldn’t have thought possible if you were the single person working on it. Engaging your non-marketing employees and various departments in content brainstorming and marketing.

Including influencers can provide you with influencer-driven content which includes lots of industry influencers who are not only featured as contributors but are also able to provide their unique comments on each ranking factor they were voting for. Remember, this is your exclusive content that’s also highly trusted. There are lots of platforms and tools being launched these days to meet this need of local seo agencies in NY like 9series for advanced marketing collaboration. It allows you to include your whole team in the content planning and marketing process via some excellent features. Campaigns allow you to create content briefs that your entire team can access and contribute. Pinboard allows your whole team to provide to your brand social media channels with the extra quality assurance layer to ensure consistent brand voice.

As consumer comfort-level with information overload increases, so does their demand for high-quality content. Modern consumers are self-educating, and they’re adept with finding the information they need via the internet. To build a robust platform for your brand, your content will need to enable the self-starting consumer to conduct in-depth research all on their own. By providing easily searchable blogs, videos, and interactive training sites, you will present your brand with confidence that will be appreciated by the internet-savvy consumer. In turn, trust for your brand will grow. You’ll be known as a company that cuts through the bombardment of information to deliver real value for your customers, even before their first purchase.

Mobile First is the Way to Go

A decade ago, social media was the new, big thing. Internet users gradually abandoned their personal blogs in favour of Facebook, Twitter, and the host of other sites that followed. Today, 69 per cent of adult internet users are on at least one social media platform. Consumers will tell you what they want and where they want to see it. Internet users want to see more social posts, news articles, and videos. While the top three content types aren’t surprising, the ever-changing habits of users are apparent. Not long ago, podcasts and blogs dominated the content world. Now, consumers say they would prefer online courses, research content, and interactive tools. These are the media types that were generally unheard of or were difficult to produce and deliver just a few short years ago.

As technology becomes more mobile, people rely less on their home or work computer system for content consumption. They check their email on their phone while riding the train to work, glance at social media on their tablet over lunch, and schedule meetings directly from their smartwatches. The smaller the screen, the larger the audience. As screens get smaller, above-the-fold content placement takes on an entirely new meaning. Marketers will have to prioritize a strong mobile strategy to stay relevant.

Consumers are going to access websites through handheld devices often, so it’s critically important that every user journey is accessible on mobile devices. Email campaigns and landing pages should be designed with a mobile-first strategy, and the content will need to be short and to the point. For marketers, new technologies and resulting behaviours will create even more channels for products or services to be discovered by consumers. Marketers who anticipate and adapt to the trends will ultimately build a more reliable brand that’s more likely to stay relevant through the future waves of disruption that are sure to come.

Closing Words

Right from the navigation & schema markup to the page layout having the ability to optimize and develop websites can affect your business most positively. You also need to localize your content by building shareable local content that is city-specific, generating local landing pages at scale, and having an in-depth knowledge of what content ideas will best fit your business requirements. Following the guidelines, general issues, and powerfully navigating all the in’s and outs are also significant for local optimization. Optimizing the profile for excellent performance and increasing the ranking can be enhanced with the link building processes. With the help of link building, you can increase the organic traffic and map rankings. Moreover, adding local links will attract the local crowd to your website. To bring fantastic link building opportunities, it is vital that you combine the right content with the best strategies and become more authoritative.

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