How Businesses Can Increase Their Engagement & Revenue with Instagram Comments

Many businesses think it is enough to just post on social media. When they have a new event flier or product to advertise on Insta, they simply publish a picture or a video and rely on their presence on the platform to do the rest.

This simply isn’t enough for most businesses, who have to build their presence on Instagram and grow followers over a longer period of time by taking the time to engage and put the effort in with new followers. 

Managing and growing the Insta platform your business can rely on is about investment. You put your time and money into it, and you are likely to get returns. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either; there are cheap ways to buy Instagram comments which can prove to be important for the growth of the business.

Show that you have engaged followers

Imagine you go to a brand’s IG profile to check them out or follow them because you see something they’ve posted while you’re browsing Insta. 

If you check out the Instagram comments and you see that there is tumbleweed and nobody is engaging, it may be a bit of an alarm whether you realize it or not. One great option is to buy IG comments, to make this section more attractive to followers. But the second one is for the brand to simply talk to its followers.

Even some of the biggest brands, who get a lot of tweets and Insta comments every single day, take the time to speak to their customers and respond to the comments they get from users and potential customers.

These metrics can all help to show that you are a reputable company with customers who are willing to take the time to interact with you:

Show that you are willing to engage with people, too

Instagram comments on your posts whether you buy them or no show that the brand has engaged customers who care enough to comment. It also shows that you care enough to respond to people when you can, or if there is anything you can do to assist them, please do so.

If you are interested in growing your Instagram account, it is essential to do this:

  • daily check the Insta comments; 
  • try to help people; 
  • resolve followers’ issues; 
  • or thank them for their feedback. 

It goes a long way to building social proof.

IG comments and interaction can be one of the most powerful forms of social proof. People really care about how companies treat their customers, whether you’ve spent $10 or $10,000 on them. Social media is a way to show you interact positively and care about your customers.

Look at it from the consumer’s angle. Let’s say you’re going to buy a lawnmower, and you look at two different brands. You might then do some digging and check out their Instagram pages. One is full of a whole lot of nothing, while the other has posts and Insta comments providing guidance for their followers or even fixing their issues. Which one are you going to purchase?

These sorts of small details can go a long way in the world of business. A little bit of loyalty and going the extra mile for customers may even stay with them in the future. You might have a repeat customer for life.

Build your visibility on the platform

Every comment on Instagram whether you decided to buy it or not is a chance to further build your visibility. Your activity on Insta has the chance of being seen, and in some cases, you can even go viral.

A lot of people also run contests on their channels. Encouraging more followers to make IG posts may increase the chances that you show up on users’ feeds and become more visible. In the process, it may even introduce new costumes to your product or service on Instagram, and this can mean more sales.

Some of these benefits don’t feel like they are happening straight away. Gaining a follower might not feel like much of a win, but if they go on to place an order 6-8 months down the line, then it certainly is a win for your business.

As well as building visibility on social media, the IG comments can help you get your positive business reviews elsewhere, as people may be more likely to share their experiences. If you have difficulties with it at the start, you can buy a few Instagram comments just to boost your profile a little bit.

Influence the algorithm

It is true that not many people know exactly how the Instagram algorithm works. Instagram is intelligent enough to show its users different content based on their interests and what the algorithm thinks they might find intriguing. 

It is fair to assume that if a post isn’t getting any interest in terms of likes, IG comments, and views, it is less likely that the algorithm will pick it up and amplify it. 

When you are browsing Insta and see a “suggested” post, it is normally a post

  • that has been shared; 
  • that received many Instagram comments; 
  • that users tag their friends in (this is why contests that encourage tagging are so popular). 

It isn’t about tricking the algorithm; instead, it is a case of making clear that your content is worthy of being shared and that people will find it interesting.

Use peoples’ comments constructively

Instagram comments are a forum and a chance for you to learn about your customers. What do they like about your products or services? What sort of tweaks and additions could you make to improve things?

Sometimes, people will just be commenting to say “good job” and let you know that they like what you’re doing, but in other scenarios, their feedback might tell you more. Why not keep a record of this and take it on board?

As well as being a useful tool for increasing your revenue by gradually making improvements, it is also a really great way to show that you listen when folk reaches out. If you actually implement changes and suggestions, followers will notice and thank you for it. 

It is better to get a reputation as a brand that listens to people and is willing to make changes than one that ignores its customer base. 


A lot of the activity businesses carry out on Instagram is a long game. Rarely a good post or some engagement will instantly lead to an influx of orders (not that this doesn’t happen).

Instead, it is a case of gradually building up your follower base and reputation, buying IG comments as you approach a tipping point, and gaining more orders and revenue. There is a reason so many businesses are investing so much in their social presence and Insta comments, which can ultimately increase their bottom line.