How Businesses can Build a Strong Company Culture with Digital Signage

How Businesses can Create an Inclusive Company Culture with Digital Signage

Employees are more productive and stronger team players when they feel appreciated, valued, and connected to the company. You can get these results in your company by fostering a strong, inclusive company culture. With enough effort and a good strategy, you can even develop employees into brand ambassadors.

You might be wondering how to create a strong company culture that will have a positive impact on your employees. Ultimately, it requires a multi-faceted approach. There isn’t one single action or task that will transform your company culture overnight. However, digital signage can play a major role in the process.

Whether you’re already working on your company culture or you’re just getting started, here’s how digital signage will give you an advantage.

1. Digital signage can generate feedback and open dialogue

With a touchscreen display, you can create an interactive feedback experience for your employees. For instance, you can present a short survey with multiple-choice selections to get feedback on your processes or anything else related to your business.

According to Visix, presenting an open and inclusive voice to an audience is the key to generating feedback, conversation, and participation from employees. This makes sense. If you want feedback from your team, you have to be open and inclusive of everyone to make them feel comfortable enough to share.

Inclusivity in everything, including feedback requests, is part of building strong company culture. When employees feel valued and included, they’re more likely to share detailed, honest feedback that can be used to improve your operations.

Businesses with a strong culture have employees who feel comfortable sharing feedback, whether it’s positive or constructive criticism. If you want to improve your business, you need raw, honest feedback that you can only get when your employees feel connected and included.

However, generating that feedback is just one component in the company culture equation. The other components are listed below.

2. Use a digital display to recognize employees

For employees to feel valued, they need more than a pat on the back and a monetary bonus. Today’s workers don’t want money; they want appreciation.

With a digital display, you can rotate through different forms of acknowledgments like employee of the month, announcing promotions and individual achievements, and even general messages of gratitude for your hard-working teams.

Recognizing employees has a direct impact on their productivity. According to statistics published by, 69% of employees say they’d work harder if they received more recognition from their employer.

A strong company culture centers on acknowledging and recognizing people for their hard work and contributions to the team.

3. Digital signage facilitates smooth communication

Communication is at the heart of every strong, effective team. A company’s culture begins to disintegrate when communication breaks down.

Without smooth communication, mistakes happen and projects get behind. When projects are late, clients get upset, and employees don’t enjoy their work.

Digital signage facilitates smooth, effective communication on-demand for both in-house and remote teams. For example, a digital display mounted to the wall in every department can be used to post deadline reminders, Wi-Fi passwords, company meeting dates, and reminders. These messages can be effortlessly syndicated to remote employees through your company’s intranet.

You can send out email reminders, but emails aren’t as effective as digital displays. Publishing key messages and reminders on a digital screen is more efficient than sending out multiple emails for every communication you need to make. Reminder emails are often forgotten in a sea of spam and urgent matters. However, employees can’t forget about a digital display they see every day.

When your goal is growth, a positive, inclusive culture will help

There is ample evidence that building a strong company culture positively impacts your sales, while having a negative culture (or no culture) leads to unhappy, unproductive teams.

Unhappy employees are disengaged with their daily tasks and end up in a detrimental cycle: they show up, do the bare minimum, and collect their paycheck at the end of the pay period.

Build company culture to build a successful business

If you look at many of the world’s most popular brands, you’ll find plenty of brand ambassadors who go out of their way to promote, support, and defend those brands all on their own. Imagine having employees like that.

Building an impressive, strong, and inclusive company culture is the only way to turn your employees into brand ambassadors both inside and out of the office. 

When you can accomplish that, your business will thrive.


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