How Business Coaching Can Help You Tackle Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be scary, stressful, and exhausting, but it can also be incredibly rewarding and enriching! For Tim McDiarmid, founder of Tim the Girl Catering and co-founder of The Bravery Strategy business coaching, her courageous leap of faith into entrepreneurship has led her to amazing opportunities, from James Beard Foundation recognition to being a top chef on Food Network’s Chopped and more. But it hasn’t been an easy journey. Through many long, sleepless nights and extensive trial and error, McDiarmid found success through six simple steps and mindset changes.

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How Business Coaching Can Help You Tackle Entrepreneurship

McDiarmid’s story has inspired many women to find their passion, purpose, freedom, and blueprint to be autonomous. She knows the right amount of bravery and strategy required to live a life of freedom on her own terms and is ready to help others learn from her past mistakes and pour her wisdom into their upcoming dreams and projects.

Today, McDiarmid works with clients to help adjust their mindset to unleash inner creativity, playfulness, and capacity through her business coaching initiatives with The Bravery Strategy. Here are the six steps she takes—and encourages others to take—to unlock their full entrepreneurial potential.

  1. Banish the Beasts

Start your mindset shift by “banishing the beasts,” otherwise known as imposter syndrome. Thoughts like “maybe someday” and “I don’t belong here” aren’t doing anyone any favors, especially you! Begin to notice your negative thoughts, write them down, and try to uncover which are most rampant. They may unlock the fears that are holding you back.

  1. Clarify Your Calling

Everyone has a calling. Do you know yours? McDiarmid is a big fan of goal-setting and business planning to help clarify realistic and attainable goals for business or self. Actionable, step-by-step plans are much easier to follow than vague strategies.

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  1. Forge Your Financial Foundation

As much as you might like to, you can’t skip over financials! They’re an important part of business planning and can’t be ignored. Setting simple financial frameworks for yourself to maintain balanced books will give you the freedom to spend more time on the parts of the business you love. Business or financial coaches can help you set a framework that makes sense for your company.

  1. Make Your Marketing Moves

Marketing seems simple until you actually start executing! With so many platforms and avenues for promotion, how can you know which to prioritize? McDiarmid recommends revisiting your business and financial goals at this point to help determine which marketing channels make the most sense with your time and budget. There are several cheap and quick ways to start getting the word out about your products and services, like social media marketing and email marketing, that are good foundational steps to take.

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  1. Build On Bravery

Once the basis for business operations is set, you can shift your focus to mindset work. McDiarmid recommends that entrepreneurs practice candid conversations, which help with sales, develop effective team-building strategies, and seek out exceptional professional development opportunities for everyone on the team.

  1. Finesse Your Flow

This is the final step to bravely venturing into entrepreneurship! Finessing your flow allows you the opportunity to revisit everything you’ve developed so far and tweak processes and strategies that aren’t working their best. By the end of this step, you should have a rock-solid plan for your business to thrive!

Where Can I Learn More About Business Coaching?

McDiarmid is so passionate about business coaching and her six steps for success that she shared her journey and learnings with everyone in her new book, Lead Like a Woman: Audacity. The book contains ten compelling stories of bold action by female leaders. 

In Lead Like a Woman: Audacity, the writers share their unique journeys through adversity, chance, and failure. Their remarkable stories reveal how you can use bold risks to create value and lead you to your next great achievement. 


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