How broadcast pr is a key area

Broadcast PR offer many benefits including awareness, brand positioning, credibility, education, editorial endorsement and is incredibly cost effective too. It is also a unique method too. Simply put, broadcast PR is a strand of media relations that is specifically dedicated to securing TV and radio coverage. From this, to some degree there is the need to buy in this means of unique advertising. This alone is where and how it is key you are able to team up with a dedicated agency for this.

Broadcast PR as a service and offering can work in no end of ways. Whatever the topic, it must be important to some sector of society, not be purely focused on your corporate objectives. A broadcast campaign can involve a full range of topics after all. It can also be used as a means to service any industry type too. There is a great deal to it as a service.

It is key you hire in an expert for this service

At a time where fake news, false information and ambulance chasing is as damaging as it ever could be, there is a need for genuine experts, authentic voices and sharp insight from organisations who can help media navigate these unprecedented times and unpack the information we are receiving from our government. Which from all of this means that in further detail traditional radio day, consumer research, 3rd party spokespeople which is normally the bedrock of broadcast media relations is taking a back seat. This is all as a means to pave the way for authentic voices and insight from brands leading the way.

In greater detail

Set piece broadcasting campaigns are fine but what national broadcasters need more, is the ability to call upon expert opinions on an ongoing basis. Adapting to the tone of the current situation is a necessity and is determining the success and failure of brands right now. Although broadcast media are interested in positive news stories within the crisis, it still has to be relevant and recognise the current situation that the world finds itself in and not be a story in a vacuum.

Being able to adapt will always help massively

Broadcasters, as with almost all other businesses, are also faced with the challenge of a shift in their operations. This has come about as half of their newsroom staff are working remotely and forward planning is pretty much non-existent. National broadcasters need to be able to call up on expert opinions on an ongoing, last-minute basis. Previous barriers to entry in the sector, such as time and travel, have vanished due to skype and facetime. This means that spokespeople can be on the air at anytime, any day from any country. The traditional broadcast campaign used to have an end. This has since changes. Now we are finding that our spokespeople are being frequently asked to comment. This is all as the news agenda evolves, so flexibility is key.

Overall, what to take from all of this

Does your brand want to raise awareness about its priority products in its key markets? Consider partnering with an influencer with broadcast connections at tier one morning or afternoon shows. Some influencers have good relationships with morning and afternoon segment producers. These could sometimes be on shows in major markets which are extremely hard to pitch for editorial opportunities. Partnering with influencers with existing relationships with top show producers will help your brand. This is all very key in meetings its awareness and engagement objectives.