How BRISBANE Residents and Tourists Can Help The City’s Sustainability Goals

Brisbane is not only beautiful in visuals but also in its goals to make living more beautiful. 

For so many years, the capital city of Queensland has garnered acknowledgement for its sustainable living, resourceful projects and disciplined operations to achieve its ecological goals. Brisbane City Council’s efforts are definitely commendable, and the results are seen day by day in the amazing improvements throughout the city and within every Brisbane household. 

What’s more heartwarming to know is that the locals are also fully aware of the City Council’s vision for Brisbane to be clean, green and sustainable now and throughout the generations to come. Keeping the city safe, healthy and worthwhile is a collective goal among Brisbane’s people. 

Now, regardless if you are a resident in Brisbane or a tourist enjoying your trip in this wonderful Australian city, there is always something that you can do to help Brisbane maintain its environment-friendly actions and achieve more of its sustainable goals. From the littlest to the biggest of efforts, you can! Check out the list below to know how!



Use reusable bottles, cups, grocery bags, mesh bags, straws, utensils and more to reduce wastes. Value recycling as well. When you turn these reusable objects into something new, you are not only lessening waste but also producing functional items for yourself and for others. Moreover, you can sell the useful stuff you create from recyclable materials. 

Doing this, you are able to minimize the sources of water, land and air pollution and save energy. You can partake in Brisbane’s energy conservation action plans through your seemingly simple personal techniques.




Brisbane has trash collection and removal services actively operating, but do not forget to dispose of your garbage properly on your own also. If you are a resident, you must know the schedules of collections in your area, so you are aware when to put out your trash bags. On other hand, if you are a tourist, know the same for the accommodation you are in. 

Wherever you go in Brisbane, follow the strict waste management regulations. Health hazards will be prevented and avoided if they are completely observed. Waste segregation is maintained, so identify and use the designated bins as indicated. By simply knowing how a tiny trash must be thrown away, you can contribute to this lovely Brisbane’s goal of making itself a better habitation.



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When talking about eco-friendly public transport systems in the universe, Brisbane’s cannot be at the end of the list! It is proud to present its green link of buses, trains and ferries that have been interfused for commuting. Using these services is more convenient with a single card. By using these instead of a car, you can help lessen road traffic and air pollutants while you are comfortably travelling. 

Furthermore, Green Cabs are present to bring you to and from your nearby destinations in the inner city safely. They are customized pedicabs driven by a tour guide which makes these public transport ideal if you are a foreign tourist in Brisbane. Rent yours when you are in Brisbane to enjoy a naturally scenic strolling in the city while on snuggly wheels. 



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It will be a great help to Brisbane if you use bicycles instead of cars to go around the city. If you are a tourist, you can rent a bike to relish the refreshing air and spectacular cityscapes in Brisbane. If you are a resident going to work daily through a car, consider buying your own bike to help better the air quality. 

The council’s CityCycle project invites people to bike into the city to lessen gas emissions. Take part in this endeavor by choosing a cycle from bus stops on the way to the city. No worries, these cycles are provided by the council to implement their project and encourage people to support it. 



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Cigarette smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public spaces in Brisbane. If you are a smoker, make sure not to violate smoke-free areas’ rules. Better, even in open-air places, do not smoke because that just adds to detrimental air pollution and harms other people who inhale the smoke — of course, your health is damaged too.   

Meanwhile, if you are a non smoker who sees somebody smoke in a non smoking zone, do not hesitate to call them out. You may complain to the area’s authorities if necessary.  



Believe it or not, households in Brisbane make it possible for the city to have the lowest water consumption records in the entire Australia. People are really serious about helping the whole city in its environment-friendly pursuits. 

If you are in Brisbane or will be in that city soon, know how important proper water usage is for them — Well, that’s how it must be all over the world. Be mindful not to dirty the bodies of water like their rivers spoiled by nothing but the best maintenance strategies! Value their precious drinking water and the water treatment projects Brisbane’s council does.



Support fresh organic produce from Brisbane farms and gardens. Buy products that directly come from local farmers. Organic crops are advantageous to the environment because they do not destroy soil life and do not contaminate water life like chemicals do. 



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To be more enlightened about the conservation objectives of Brisbane’s council and how you can extend help, participate in local environment organizations. Doing so, you can learn more about what needs to be achieved and how to act on them. You can explore more natural resources while volunteering in the city’s eco-centered projects. These are not simply pastime activities but life-changing advocacies for yourself, for Brisbane and for the Earth.




Internationally, Brisbane has been recognized as one of the greenest cities because of its outstanding environment-friendly aims and their tremendous efforts’ outcomes. When you book your flights to Brisbane and land your feet on its dazzling land, you will fully understand why and voluntarily agree! See and experience for yourself!

Together with residents and tourists, Brisbane’s City Council desires to continue its sustainability practices for a happier and healthier life from today to the future. They set a good example for the rest of Australia and for the rest of the globe to imitate. 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.