How breathing affects your daily life.

Human can survive few weeks without food and days without water but human cannot survive few minutes without air! Knowing this, breathing plays a vital role in human survival but most people neglects this importance since our bodies does it automatically. So, most people likely take breathing techniques and its possible benefits that they may gain from learning it.

This is where breathing techniques are born, by manipulating breathing it can relieve stress, anxiety, etc. overall it affects people psychological and emotional state. So, how will it affect your daily lives?


Less stress

Breathing techniques are known to lessen stress levels, knowing only this is worthwhile to learn this technique. This is especially helpful to someone who are under severe stress or working under fast pace environment or dealing with lots of deadlines, etc. It is important for this people to learn breathing techniques to help them think clearly on what they should do. So, if you are under severe stress, you should pause yourself and take a deep breath, the flooding of oxygen in your blood could help your brain function better which could possibly help you to do whatever you should do.


Deal with anxiety

We already know that dealing with anxiety is really hard, especially if it’s about “first time”. Imagine having the skill of being a good writer but doesn’t know how to speak to a possible client about it. Many opportunities are lost because of unable to handle ones’ anxiety. By learning proper breathing techniques, people can psyche up themselves to deal with their anxiety and seize the present opportunity.


Increases energy

To create energy in our body, we need oxygen in our blood. Knowing this people can increase their energy if they learn specific breathing techniques. By breathing deeply, people can increase the oxygen levels in their blood for better body function and increase in their stamina. Can you notice how marathon athletes breathe? Their breathing techniques helps to increase their stamina so they can keep up hours of running or playing. So, breathing plays great roles for athletes or for people who wanted to make their body heathy.


 Helps sleep better

There is a specific breathing technique that improves your sleep. The theory behind it is that the lungs will be flooded by oxygen thus it calms the mind and reduce stress which is likely the reason why person cannot sleep well in the night. The breathing technique is pioneered by Doctor Andrew Wiel.


 Improves digestion

Not everyone knows that breathing techniques also helps digestion. Since increasing oxygen levels can help organs to function properly, it aids the intestines and the stomach to function efficiently and thus, people who practice breathing techniques are less likely to experience flatulence, bloating, cramps and possible ulcer since a higher oxygen level is also believed to lower acidity level on the stomach, it also helps metabolism of the body, this is especially helpful to people who wants to lose weight.


Detoxify your body.

It is not widely known that breathing releases toxics. In-fact, 70% of the body detoxification is done by breathing and the remaining percentage is done by sweating, taking a dump, and peeing. So why it is 70%? We know that carbon monoxide which is highly toxic and is always present in the air especially when walking to a busy street. To release this toxic, breathing properly is the answer and could help to get rid of these toxics inside our body.


Improve immune system

Having a powerful immune system is a must during this pandemic time. And one of the key to improve immune system is by breathing. A highly oxygenated blood could help deliver the nutrient, vitamins and minerals inside our body efficiently. And thus, helping our immune system to be stronger which keeps sicknesses away.



Knowing the importance of breathing is really important, though most people neglects it. The practice of breathing techniques is worthwhile to learn especially when dealing with unexpected situation, example when you are called impromptu and your anxiety sits in, you can breathe deeply to psyche up yourself. On contrary there are some experts and studies which hypothesized that messing with our natural breathing patterns could worsen our health by a long shot.