How Botox Helps to Treat Excessive Underarm Sweating

Some people feel uncomfortable with a sensitive nervous system, which manifests itself in increased sweating. A disease like excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis significantly diminishes the essence of life and the emotional state of the patient. Such a problem cannot only bring a person a feeling of general discomfort but also interfere with communication due to an unpleasant smell. But, with the availability of modern medicine, there are many procedures of combating hyperhidrosis. One of them is known as Botox.

Underarm sweat treatment with Botox is no longer a novelty for doctors nowadays, but the very best ideas of treating excessive sweating through injections. But, before you go for sweat shots, you need to think about whether the level of sweating is normal or high due to severe stress, physical exertion, the unusual pungency of food or climate change.

Well! In this guide, we will learn in detail about Botox and how it helps in treating excessive sweating

Table of Content

  • What Does Mean of Excessive Sweating or
  • Hyperhidrosis?
  • What is Botox?
  • How to Prepare for The Procedure?
  • Procedure Steps
  • Benefits Of Botox Treatment For Hyperhidrosis
  • Wrapping Up!

What Does Mean of Excessive Sweating/ Hyperhidrosis?

Excessive underarm sweating is also known as axillary hyperhidrosis, which generates due to a violation of the thermoregulatory mechanism. This can shake your self-confidence, interfere with communication, career growth, and personal life. Most often palms, feet, groin area sweat profusely.

The sweat glands in people with hyperhidrosis are of normal size, but their activity is significantly higher than normal and does not depend on the ambient temperature. Excessive sweating can become a reason for loss of self-confidence and the development of complexes in a person. In addition, sweat is a fairly toxic substance that quickly makes clothes unusable and provokes the development of pathogenic fungi. Even constantly moist skin causes frequent colds and infections. Moreover, their constituent formaldehyde and aluminium salts can cause severe irritation of the skin in the area of ​​application. That is why Botox injections in the armpits are a relief for people experiencing excessive sweating.

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin-based injections are an effective treatment method for removing the problem of excessive sweating. This applies not only to the armpits but also to the palms and feet. During the procedure, it is injected intradermally into the armpit using an insulin syringe. The duration of the session is on average 30 minutes. The procedure is considered almost painless, safe, practically unlimited and well-tolerated.

Botox contains a neurotoxin, when it enters the sweat gland, it blocks the impulses going to its nerve fibers. Thus, the organ accountable for sweating is turned off temporarily. Nowadays, this service is really effective and capable of eliminating the problem of excessive sweating.

How to Prepare for The Procedure?

Before injecting Botox into the armpits, the first step is to consult a dermatologist, and then do the Minor test. This is essential to determine the degree of hyperhidrosis and calculate the dose of the drug. In addition, 2-3 days before the injection, you should remove the hair in the area to be treated by shaving. The standard measure the day before the procedure is to avoid strenuous physical activity. Botox is injected into the armpits many times. With each injection, a small amount of the drug is injected under the skin. The specialist’s task is to cover as large an area of ​​the skin as possible.

Procedure Steps

The procedure can be carried out only after careful preparation of the patient. This will help reduce the likelihood of developing side symptoms. A week before the procedure, you must stop taking any medications. To prevent bleeding in the areas of injections, it is necessary to stop drinking alcoholic beverages 7-10 days before the procedure.

2 days before the procedure for the introduction of botox against sweat, you need to give up sports and other physical activity. Do not use deodorants or other antiperspirants. It is forbidden to remove hair a few days before the injection. Shaving or epilation will damage the skin and should not be performed.

Botox is administered as an intradermal injection. The procedure is carried out in the clinic and consists of several stages:

Carrying Out the Minor Test: The manipulation consists in treating the armpits with a special solution. This allows you to identify the location of the sweat glands and determine the intensity of their work.

Disinfection: Before the procedure, the skin is treated with alcohol and waits for its complete evaporation. At this stage, the injection sites are also marked.

Anaesthesia: Botox injections into the armpits from sweat are practically painless since the treated surface is smeared with a special gel with anaesthetic that is briefly applied to it.

Performing Injections: Botox is injected with a thin needle 2-3 mm deep into the skin. At the site of each injection, swelling in the form of a tubercle should form. The process may be accompanied by a moderate burning sensation. The entire session takes 40 to 60 minutes.

Benefits Of Botox Treatment For Hyperhidrosis

Most patients resort to this treatment due to the lack of surgery. Treatment of armpit hyperhidrosis in this way stands out among other methods for its reliability. Below are the following benefits of Botox injections.

Operational Impact: After inserting a Botox injection into the armpits, a decrease in sweating is observed after a couple of days. And, the patient will feel the maximum possible result from the procedure.

Long-lasting Effect: A decrease in sweating is observed within six months. Once the drug is removed from the body, the injections can be repeated. Many reviews say that just one manipulation in 1.5 years is enough.

Convenient Procedure: Anti-sweating injections practically do not cause painful sensations, which makes the treatment comfortable. The procedure does not require any special serious preparation. Also, a person does not need long-term recovery.

Operative Injections in the Armpits from Sweat: Treatment of hyperhidrosis with botox is carried out without sick leave. The beautician can be visited both on weekends and at lunchtime.

The Minimum Number of Restrictions: After manipulation, there is no need to radically change your lifestyle or limit yourself in anything. The only exceptions can be visits to the sauna, as well as exhausting sports.

Lack of Surgical Procedures: Botox injections do not leave marks on the skin. This prevents the appearance of cosmetic defects. In addition, the manipulation takes place without anaesthesia, which minimizes the load on the body and shortens the recovery period.

Wrapping Up!

Excessive Sweating is a rather unpleasant disease that can be the result of dangerous pathologies. It is imperative to undergo a complete examination to establish the real cause of excessive sweating. It is important to start the fight directly with the cause of the disease. In particular, sweating injections like Botox in Canberra are a fairly effective method, which gives a stable long-term result. Before the procedure, it is imperative to consult a doctor, make a test, and most importantly, and choose a real professional.