How Bookkeeping And Audits Support Corporate Governance Goals

How Accounting And Audits Support Corporate Governance Goals

Accounts and audits are a key practice in today’s corporate culture. Professional services for these are an essential need to run the daily affairs in a corporate organization. Businesses all over the world have recognized the need for professional audits and bookkeeping services.

Especially, more so in corporate hubs like the UAE, the service providers are increasing in number by the day. If you run your business there, you can easily get in touch with one of the best accounting firms to reach closer to your corporate governance goals.

Goals of corporate governance:

Corporate governance needs effective efforts. The key is to identify the goals and objectives of your company. Most important ones of them are:  

Equitable Treatment of Shareholders

All the owners of your company, no matter how small or big their share is in the assets, are called shareholders. All of these need equitable privileges and rights. In order to treat them as per the law and contract, audits are very helpful. 

Preserving the interests of all stakeholders

Stakeholders include creditors, clients, employees, staff, state, society, and owners of a corporation. Each party affects and is affected by your business in one way or another. When internal audits facilitate corporate governance, they are actually helping your preserve their interests.

Transparency and full disclosure

In any corporation, transparency is of prime importance, and corporate governance, when aided with internal audits and accurate accounts, ensures transparency and full disclosure of all the information relevant to anyone.

Accountability and Self-evaluation

Management of a company needs to be held accountable. Corporate governance aims at ensuring that the management is working with no mishandling of affairs. Besides holding the company directors accountable for her actions, it is also of prime importance to evaluate the policies and practices of the organization in general.

This article will shed light on the benefits of bookkeeping services that support corporate governance.

Benefits that audit and bookkeeping offer for corporate governance

Bookkeeping helps manage overhead and operational costs. Audits help keep financial and non-financial information transparent as well as accurate. More on the benefits are as follows:

Cash management benefits

Monthly bookkeeping services enable your company to manage all kinds of costs. These may include consumer and supplier accounts. These services also include business budgeting and tracking of deposits and payments. With enhanced cash flow management, you are aware of every penny that your company spends.   

Business decision benefits

Bookkeeping allows you to keep records with accuracy and transparency. When these records are well maintained, business decision making becomes easier than ever. It gets easier to identify capitalistic opportunities and avoid issues pertaining to cash flows.

Now you have more facilitation to identify the ways of increasing income and decreasing expenses. The clarity in records also helps make business projections to anticipate big profits or losses beforehand.

Compliance benefits

Businesses need to comply with taxes and other indigenous regulations. With accurate and up to date records, besides quality control by audits, you can ensure a better capacity to pay bills and taxes. You can also ensure that you are safe from the risks of penalties that result from non-compliance. Read on my previous post on pros and cons of value added tax (VAT).

With the services of professional auditors, your organization will be free of risks of penalties. You will be ready for the yearly, quarterly, or monthly regulatory payments and maintain the credibility of your organization.

Risk-reducing benefits

Corporate companies are not free of fraudulent activities on the part of internal and external sources. Sometimes employees are not sincere with your company, while in other instances, you face embezzlement by business partners.

The bookkeepers will spot the person behind any such activity, and audits will help find out the loopholes in policies and suggest a strategy to encounter those incidents in the future.

Independent auditors and bookkeepers are a corporate need!

You need the services of auditors and bookkeepers for sure. But you need them to be reliable and free of any biases. For this purpose, you must hire independent resources. If you are in the UAE, you can find my reputable bookkeepers and auditing firms around. You can get in touch with one of the best accounting firms in Dubai to rely on for meeting corporate responsibilities. 

Audits keep matters free of inaccuracies and information free of misrepresentations. Thus corporate governance goals like accountability, transparency, preserving the interests of stakeholders, and equitable treatment for all shareholders are facilitated.

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