How Big Do You Have To Be To Use An Umbrella Stroller?


Umbrella strollers are well-renowned for being more lightweight compared to regular baby strollers that are often too bulky to carry around. Most parents agree that umbrella strollers are heaven-sent when it comes to traveling with their baby. 

So, how big do you have to be to use an umbrella stroller? What is the age requirement? This article will cover that and more – so that you know when to use an umbrella stroller for your little one.

How big do you have to be to use an umbrella stroller?

Generally, the widely-accepted age for a child to become ready and safe to ride on an umbrella stroller is at least 12 weeks of age or around 2.7 months old. Keep in mind that this age will vary depending on the baby’s development – not every child grows at the same pace.

However, if your child is already able to sit down properly instead of just lying down, they are most likely ready to be put in an umbrella stroller for trips downtown. 

If you are still unsure about using an umbrella stroller at this point, you might also want to wait for at least 4 to 6 months depending on your child’s readiness. Do remember, however, that certain umbrella strollers have weight limits so be sure to pick a model that’s suitable for your little one.

Choosing an umbrella stroller

While taking your baby outdoors might look like a walk in the park, choosing a safe umbrella stroller that will tend to your baby’s comfort needs can be tricky. Here’s what to look for in an umbrella stroller:

Know the age and weight limit

Most umbrella strollers will allow up to 50 pounds per rider. As not all babies weigh the same, you should know your baby’s weight so you can choose an appropriate stroller for them. Some manufacturers also put an age bracket or recommendation for you to easily know if it’s suitable for your child.

Look for padding and cushioning

We mentioned that it could be safe for about 2 to 3 months old because that’s the time when babies develop their neck and back muscles. However, added padding and cushioning will help in supporting the baby’s back and neck muscles – especially if they will need to ride the stroller for longer hours. 


To wrap it up, umbrella strollers are suitable for babies from 2 to 6 months old – as long as they can sit upright and use their back and neck muscles just fine. However, they still need to have an appropriately-designed and durable stroller to support their weight while riding.

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