How BBC News has grown its Instagram Following by Posting Less Videos

BBC News has recently sharpened their Instagram content by posting less video. But these videos are greatly relevant. According to them, for BBC News, Instagram is their steadily growing social platform through followers.

On Instagram, BBC News has up to 4.8 million followers. Besides this, 2000 followers are still added on a weekly base.

From March 2017 to February, the average number of likes, comments, and shares has grown from 10,000 to 22000. While the videos that uploaded monthly has halved from 130 to less than 70.

It is just because of the reason; BBC News has upload authentic content on Instagram.

The social team of BBC News did four main things that attract new followers of Instagram. The team of social media has used data-driven tests that include tactics for feed videos, IGTV videos, and IG Stories. Their main aim is to develop given strategies.

  • Create Insta Stories as in-house. Stories give you an opportunity to make new content. As they are on mobile, it does not require more resources. BBC News is also able to create IG stories faster and post them often. The features of Instagram like graphics and texts, make more engaging content without losing quality.
  • Post more consistently. The social team of BBC News creates two IG Stories. The first one includes “News Daily”. It highlights the first and latest top three stories of the present day. It also includes the link to the email newsletter of BBC News. It proves the best conversion tactic. The second one includes the Instagram daily story. It is one of the most interesting stories of the present day. Not only this, but they also publish more than 5 additional posts per day like photos or videos.

 According to Riordan, by these tests, they discovered that for posting, time did not matter. It does not affect the followers’ engagement, but they noticed one thing that despite most news over the week, they have found a bigger audience.

They said that their audience has a great time to view their stories, watch their videos, swipe to the website to read more and navigate to the link to get other stories.

  • Engage with readers in the comment section. The member of the social team including all the senior broadcast journalists. They engage with BBC News followers. They reply to their comments, and like their views. The purpose of doing this is just to make feel the readers that the BBC News brand is not only the logo and name. It is more than this.

Other than this, the BBC News also performs experiments with hashtags, tags and Instagram new features. The social team of BBC News has noticed that most of people want to engage with Instagram stories.

That’s why they upload a news quiz every Friday. It allows the followers to test themselves about their knowledge related to News. If you want to know how to download Instagram videos of BBC News, then you can download it by authentic instadownloaderpro

It results in up to 10,000 new followers of BBC News every day.