How Automation Is Leading the Warehouse into the Future

In today’s fast-paced, technologically advanced environment, businesses that fail to adapt to dynamic market needs and changing technological landscapes risk being left behind. The advent of automation and the integration of technology into warehouse management operations have revolutionized the industry, transforming traditional warehouse operations into modern, efficient, and streamlined systems.

From robotics to smart glasses and order-picking robots, technology has opened up a world of possibilities, enabling businesses to improve efficiency and accuracy in their warehouse operations. As technology continues to evolve, warehouse management will continue to be shaped by these innovations, and those businesses that embrace them will remain competitive and thrive in the future. This article explains what warehouse automation technology is and how businesses can leverage various warehousing automation solutions to navigate through the post-pandemic world.

What is Warehouse Automation?

Warehouse automation refers to the use of advanced technologies such as robots, software, and sensors to perform repetitive tasks in warehouse management. Warehousing automation solutions combine robotic machinery and information system software to work together to automate various warehouse tasks, such as order picking, packing, inventory management, and transportation.

Why automate?

Warehouse automation has become a necessity due to the rapid increase in commercialization and e-commerce. With the rise of online shopping, businesses must now process and ship orders faster than ever before, making warehouse efficiency a critical factor for success. Warehousing automation doesn’t only bring efficiency, but one of the main drivers behind this accelerated trend of warehousing automation is cost savings. By automating repetitive and manual tasks, businesses can reduce labor costs and improve productivity. Warehouse automation solutions also reduce errors, as robots and software are less likely to make mistakes than human operators.

Warehouse automation also improves labor welfare. Automating dangerous or physically demanding tasks leads to a safer work environment, and workers can be protected from injuries and accidents. This can also result in increased job satisfaction and employee retention.

Pterisglobal Warehouse Automation System

Pterisglobal is a globally integrated solution provider specializing in providing customized system solutions for warehouse automation. Its customized warehouse automation solutions can be tailored to the businesses’ unique needs according to their demand and layouts. This article explains the different warehouse automation solutions that can cater to the diverse needs of all types of business warehousing.

1.Trlet-type stereo storage system

The Trlet-type stereo storage system offered by Pterisglobal includes various components such as stacker cranes, a robot of palletizing, a four-way shuttle system, and a shuttle and carrier system. The stacker crane runs on the track in the roadway of the high-rise shelf warehouse to access the unit goods to the cargo compartment and complete the in-out operation. Similarly, the robot of de(palletizing) runs along the track in the laneway of the high-rise shelf warehouse to access the unit goods to the cargo compartment and complete the in and out of the warehouse. The four-way shuttle system drives along the direction of vertical or horizontal orbit on the cross-track and can reach any specified cargo position in the warehouse, ensuring optimal space usage ratio.

The shuttle and carrier system, on the other hand, is a flexible and expandable system composed of subcar, mother-to-child car, hoist, conveyor or AGV, dense storage shelf, and WMS, WCS system. It can achieve a storage space utilization rate as high as 95%, enabling the system to cater to all types of warehousing needs. The overall system is capable of 24-hour fully automated operation, providing digital management of the entire process. Pterisglobal’s stereo storage systems offer a comprehensive solution for warehouse automation needs, ensuring increased efficiency, cost savings, and reduced errors in warehouse operations.

2.No-Tray-Type-Stereo-Storage System

Pterisglobal’s no-tray-type-stereo-storage system is a highly efficient and flexible system that can handle a wide range of cargo types, weights, and sizes. This warehouse automation solution is designed for automated storage and retrieval of goods, with the ability to store and retrieve goods from multiple levels of a high-rise shelf warehouse. The system uses advanced technology to allow the storage and retrieval of individual items or groups of items, without the need for trays or containers.

3.Delivery To Person Picking System

Pterisglobal’s Delivery to Person Picking System is designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of warehouse operations. This warehouse automation solution employs a combination of automation and robotics to bring the products to the pickers, rather than the other way around. This reduces the time spent on walking and searching for products, which leads to faster and more accurate picking and increases efficiency.

4.Box-type three-dimensional storage system

Pterisglobal’s box-type three-dimensional storage system includes the multi-layer shuttle system that provides an optimal space utilization rate by placing goods between different levels/heights of the warehouse. This system is highly efficient and reduces the need for manual labor, reducing the chance of human errors. The importance of this system lies in its ability to cater to the increasing demand for storage space and the need for efficient and accurate order picking. By automating the storage and retrieval of goods, businesses can save time and resources, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

The growing need for warehouse automation solutions is imperative in the post-pandemic business world. Businesses need to identify their unique warehousing needs and implement automation accordingly. Pterisglobal is a renowned global logistics solution provider with over 50 years of experience in delivering contemporary logistics support and cutting-edge technology to its clients worldwide. The company has a proven track record of providing innovative solutions to various industries, including e-commerce, express logistics, airport logistics, and customized warehouse automation. Pterisglobal has helped Three Squirrels North China Warehouse by implementing a Sliding Shoe Sortation System that achieves a high speed of 1.2-2.0 m/sec and has a capacity of 6000 p/h while sorting items weighing up to 35 kg to both sides. With such a reliable and effective solution, businesses can confidently choose Pterisglobal as their logistics partner for customized warehouse automation.