How Attorneys Can Help in Construction Site Fatalities

The Incident and Immediate Response

A tragic accident unfolded on a construction site at Stonegate Drive in South Fayette, Pennsylvania. Allegheny County emergency dispatchers received a call around 1 p.m. Saturday regarding an accident involving a truck tractor towing a flatbed trailer. The victim, Lewis Alling, was fatally struck by the truck while he was loading a flatbed trailer. This tragic incident brings to light the essential role that Pittsburgh Construction Accident Attorneys play in advocating for victims and their families.

The Extent of the Accident

According to police reports, the truck not only struck Alling but also hit a backhoe that was parked over a gas line. Columbia Gas workers were able to secure the gas line after first responders arrived, averting further danger. Accidents like these aren’t isolated; they show a pattern of risks associated with construction sites, making the presence of skilled Pennsylvania Accident Attorneys invaluable for legal guidance.

Investigations and Legal Implications

Currently, Allegheny County police are still investigating the incident, and Columbia Gas has stated that operations at the site will resume on Monday. For families like Alling’s, navigating the complexities of such a construction-related accident can be an overwhelming ordeal. Attorneys can help to ensure that all parties are held accountable and that compensation is sought for wrongful death and other damages.

Role of Attorneys in Such Cases

Attorneys play a crucial role in ensuring justice for the victim and their families. Whether it is negotiating with insurance companies, representing the victim’s interests in court, or helping families receive compensation, the expertise provided by Pittsburgh Accident Attorneys is critical. Their services are especially necessary for intricate cases involving multiple parties, such as construction companies, subcontractors, and utility service providers.


While no amount of legal assistance can compensate for the loss of life, it’s imperative for victims and their families to engage professional legal services. Lawyers can guide you through the complexities of the legal process, ensuring that you understand your rights and options during this challenging time.

The unfortunate incident in South Fayette serves as a poignant reminder that accidents can happen at any time, and proper legal representation is vital for securing justice and compensation.