How Attorneys Can Assist in Kansas City’s Hit-and-Run Cases

A Hit-and-Run Nightmare in Kansas City

Recently, a Kansas City driver named Beatty Hean experienced a hit-and-run accident that has stirred up considerable concern. Hean, who uses a dashboard camera in his car, caught another driver crashing into his Subaru sedan and then fleeing the scene on August 12. Given the lack of immediate police response, Kansas City, Missouri Accident Attorneys can be a crucial resource for victims like Hean in such distressing situations.

The Waiting Game and Financial Toll

After the collision, Hean contacted the Kansas City Police Department and waited with a Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) roadside response driver for assistance. However, after a frustrating 90-minute wait, the police were still nowhere to be found. The accident caused a whopping $16,000 in damages to his car. In scenarios like this, consulting with Missouri Accident Attorneys can provide essential legal guidance on how to handle insurance claims and property damages.

The Search for Accountability

Adding to Hean’s ordeal was his discovery that the hit-and-run driver had also damaged another car while fleeing. Hean tried to follow the individual to obtain license plate details but saw the culprit abandon the truck and escape on foot. Inside the abandoned truck, Hean found insurance paperwork indicating the vehicle wasn’t stolen. This underscores how Accident Attorneys can be valuable in gathering evidence and ensuring justice is served.

The Police Response—or Lack Thereof

Further aggravating matters was the belated arrival of the Kansas City Police Department, three hours after Hean’s initial call for help. According to Hean, he eventually gave up waiting and drove to a local KCPD station to file an accident report. While the police maintain they had no officers available at the time, such delays raise questions about the system’s reliability.

In hit-and-run cases, immediate action is often crucial for preserving evidence and claiming insurance. Kansas City, Missouri Accident Attorneys can guide victims through the complexities of such cases. They can assist in filing police reports, collecting evidence, and initiating legal proceedings, often alleviating the impact of lackluster police responses.


The disturbing hit-and-run incident involving Beatty Hean highlights the essential role attorneys play when the system falls short. From guiding victims through the insurance maze to providing legal advice, they are often the reliable lifeline that many desperately need.