How Attorneys Can Aid in the Aftermath of Twin Semi-Truck Crashes

A Worrying Series of Incidents

Two semi trucks crashed into the Columbia River on Friday, both near Biggs Junction along Interstate 84. The alarming pattern suggests that this specific stretch of road may harbor unseen dangers. With potential liability issues and regulatory implications, the role of Biggs Junction Oregon Truck Accident Attorneys becomes vital for all parties involved.

After each crash, quick action was taken by the Sherman County Sheriff’s Office to confirm the drivers’ safety. Fortunately, both managed to escape unscathed. However, these accidents have shed light on a worrying trend at this particular section of the interstate. Consultation with Oregon Truck Accident Attorneys can offer expert analysis and help explore potential safety lapses or design flaws.

Investigations and Questions

The Oregon State Police are now in charge of investigating these back-to-back accidents. The inquiries will focus on factors such as road infrastructure and vehicle conditions. As authorities delve deeper into the cause, the assistance of experienced Attorneys can be invaluable for victims and their families, as well as for other stakeholders.

Truck Accident Attorneys play a critical role in cases like these. From reviewing accident reports and medical records to advising on insurance claims, they offer comprehensive services. An attorney’s early involvement can help shape the narrative, ensure proper collection of evidence, and negotiate favorable settlements.


The recent semi-truck accidents along I-84 near Biggs Junction have sparked concerns about road safety and necessitate thorough investigations. Engaging qualified attorneys early on can offer invaluable expertise and guidance, potentially influencing the outcomes for all parties involved.