How Attorneys Assist Victims in San Jose’s Tragic Hit-and-Run Case

The Harrowing Incident on Monterey Road

On the night of May 7th, 2022, a devastating hit-and-run accident took the lives of two women, Bertha Hernandez and Aurelia Reyes, in San Jose, California. The tragedy unfolded around 7:45 PM when a red pickup truck jumped the curb and struck the two pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. The driver of the truck fled the scene and is still at large. In such grievous cases, the expertise of San Jose, California Truck Accident Attorneys can offer critical guidance to the bereaved families.

Community Reaction and Ongoing Investigation

The heart-rending incident has sent shockwaves through the San Jose community, with leaders and citizens alike calling for safer streets. Councilmember Raul Peralez, representing the district where the calamity occurred, emphasized the necessity of making roads more pedestrian-friendly. Amid these calls for action, the San Jose Police Department has ramped up patrols and is treating the case as a homicide. During this challenging time, California Truck Accident Attorneys can support affected families in taking necessary legal actions.

California law considers hit-and-run offenses serious crimes. Civilly, the offender can be held responsible for damages ranging from medical expenses to emotional suffering, while criminal liability could result in imprisonment and heavy fines. As police search for the driver of what is believed to be a red Chevy Silverado, details like the broken headlight on the passenger side might provide crucial leads. The role of Truck Accident Attorneys here is indispensable, as they can sift through evidence to establish liability.

Civil Liability Explained

In hit-and-run cases in California, the guilty party is liable for civil damages aimed at compensating victims or their families for losses incurred. These damages may cover a range of aspects including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Failure to stop and provide the necessary information can lead to a civil lawsuit against the driver. In cases where the driver is uninsured or underinsured, they may be personally liable for the damages, making the guidance of San Jose, California Truck Accident Attorneys vital.

Criminal Liability Outlined

Hit-and-run accidents can also attract criminal charges in California, with penalties varying based on the severity of the accident. While misdemeanor hit-and-run cases involve property damage, a felony hit-and-run leads to more severe penalties, including imprisonment of up to four years and fines up to $10,000. A conviction may also result in license suspension or revocation.

Defenses Against Hit-and-Run Charges

Those charged with hit-and-run crimes may employ certain defenses, such as lack of knowledge about the accident or emergencies requiring immediate medical attention. Lawyers can also argue for mistaken identity if the accused was not actually involved in the incident. Therefore, acquiring skilled legal representation is paramount.


As the community mourns and demands safer streets, it’s crucial to understand the legal complexities surrounding such tragic events. Competent attorneys can navigate the intricate legal landscape, offering much-needed support to victims and their families.