No technology has made more difference in the world than Artificial Intelligence. And no piece of hardware has revolutionized entire lifestyles other than smartphones. They have become a truly inseparable part of our lives and put a lot of power, features, and functionality right there in our palms.

Mobile technology is also evolving at a rapid pace, with new and more creative solutions coming up for enhanced user experiences. The new inventions are primarily supported by technologies like AI, Blockchain, IoT to name a few.

The overall concept of AI and Machine Learning development services has become pivotal for the better development of mobile features. There are a lot of mobile companies that are using the power of Artificial Intelligence to make smartphone ownership a better deal for their customers. AI cameras are perhaps the biggest trend everyone is aware of.

There’s a pronounced difference between the use of AI, thanks to this generation leap between mobile phones. While phones before were dependent on the Internet, the new line of these devices now incorporates cloud-based AI to streamline things.

Stats on Techjury show that a mere 2% of people have never made use of Siri, while just 4% of Android device users never used the Google Assistant, both of which are powerful AI voice assistants.

Here are some of the ways how AI is enhancing mobile app technology-

1- Better, Enhanced Searching

Searches with text have been the traditional format to find out information, but AI has brought about a change to this usual way of things. Mobile apps are increasingly using image and voice recognition to facilitate the better performance of apps that make their use.

Google Lens is a prime example of AI-based searches, where a single picture is enough to provide all the information that’s needed. AI application development services will rely on such features that provide everyday convenience to edge ahead of the competition.

2- Combining of AI and IoT

Bringing AI and IoT together is resulting in the creation of highly personalized experiences for the users. Whenever a user makes use of some mobile app, the data gets collected in real-time by making the use of different algorithms within the app. With Artificial Intelligence, this recorded data gets effectively utilized, delivering enhanced customer experiences for the users.

The combination of AI and IoT can result in a higher degree of efficiency, as the resources are used in a much better way. With better and more secure apps, mobile apps have completely changed now.

3-  Enhanced Use of Image Recognition

While image recognition has its fair share to boost the image search parameters, it’s also proving to be more beneficial for software developers, where they are leveraging AI to evaluate digital images and then derive a lot data from the images themselves.

This new trend of recognizing images is proving to be of a lot of help for the visually impaired as well, where the image processing is converted to speech and describing them about what are they exactly facing.

4- Better Measures of App Authentication

As the adoption of Artificial Intelligence is increasing, its commercial potential is becoming visible enough for everyone to see. Because technology is accessible to everyone, cyber threats are also becoming very real.

This is why it’s also becoming important to safeguard against such attacks with better-prepared security measures in mobile apps, and AI surely ensures that. By the right implementation of Blockchain, Machine Learning, and other cutting-edge algorithms, the entire authentication process becomes an added attribute for better customer experience.

No wonder AI application development services are ensuring better authentication measures.

Into the Future with AI

The world is no more the place it was a few years ago. Artificial Intelligence has paved the way for more amazing innovations in the mobile app industry. It has totally changed the way of interaction between mobile devices and users.

With user data providing insights to better deliver services to every individual, there are a lot more good things on the horizon for AI and mobile app technology together. If you wish to incorporate it into your daily scheme of things, connecting with Consagous Technologies will prove to be a great idea.

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