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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a study and development of a machine that can act and think like a human being. It is built in such a way that it can see and learn. A huge variety of data is inputted in the machine and it is tested how the machine sees and how it implements the data. It is being used in various sectors like Business, Education, Healthcare, Banking, etc. Sophia, Google Assistant, etc. are examples of artificial intelligence. AI is becoming an inseparable part of human life and its usage is being stimulated in various sectors. Artificial Intelligence is developed by embedded distinct features like self-leaning, reasoning, develop or create a conclusion, solve errors on itself, etc.

AI can be classified into two categories – Weak and Strong. The weak one is created with the intention to focus on a narrow task. Another name for weak AI is narrow AI. Its examples are apple Siri and Google Assistant. This type of AI focuses on a specific task and performs a single function. On the other hand, strong AI works on a problem and solves it without human interference. They have cognitive abilities like human.


How it helps in the Education Industry

AI is improving and developing new ways to perform the task in other sectors. Similarly, education sector will also benefit from it. New and personalized ways are being discovered for developing the software. These techniques can help the students in learning and thereby save the time of both teacher and student.

  • Personalized Learning – With the use of Artificial Intelligence, personalized learning programs can be developed for students. In most of the places in the current scenario, teachers have to deal with the whole class and they cannot focus or meet expectation of each and every student. This limitation can be curtailed using AI. According to the student’s interests and preferences, personalized learning programs can be developed. This will help the student to learn according to their interests and wants.


  • Helps Teachers to Identify the areas that need improvement – Yes, you heard it right. Artificial Intelligence helps the teachers to understand where the students are lacking and which concepts should be revised and given attention. A system is being developed that finds a pattern in the homework or assignment provided to the students. Depending on it, AI analyzes and generates reports for the teachers. Teachers can use these reports for changing their study methods. When the assignments are submitted the machine analyzes them and finds the wrong answers. If multiple students have wrong answers in a concept, then it means they did not understand it well. Hence, in this way it can help the teacher in understanding the areas where improvement is needed.


  • Saves teachers time – As artificial intelligence can be used to do repetitive work; the time of the teachers can be saved. Many teachers use projectors to display the study material and teach using presentations and audiovisual aid. It is a time-consuming process for the teacher, to connect the laptop to the projector and sometimes projector does not respond, etc. Using AI, this problem can be eradicated. Repetitive tasks like taking attendance, updating student’s marks in software, etc. can be done by using AI. It will help to saves a teacher’s time.


  • Provides Feedback – AI does not only help the students and teachers in customizing their program, but it can also be used to provide valuable and informational feedback to the user. AI-powered systems are being developed where a student’s progress is recorded and if they face problem, then their respected professors are alerted. This helps the teachers to understand where the student is lacking, and in which subject. These systems are mostly used by those who offer courses and programs.


  • Helps in Interactive Learning – Interactive programs can be made with the help of AI. From small students to young college students, everyone can use the interactive method of learning. Especially for small kids like kindergarten students, programs can be developed where they have to interact with the machine. Pictures, videos, pronunciations, and quizzes can be used to teach students in a better way. Small students are attracted to pictures and vibrant colors and this can be an excellent method that education institutes can use to teach them. Also advanced animated programs can be used to teach complex concepts. For instance, medical students can use this technique to learn how operation or organ transplant, etc. is done.


  • AI Tutors – When a teacher is teaching a subject or a concept, it is not necessary that all the students understand it. Some students ask the teacher their queries while others are too shy to ask. For such students, AI tutors can be used for such students. A system should be made where a student can input the topic and the subject he or she wants to clear. They can ask them as many questions and confidentiality can be maintained. Also, AI tutors can be made available any time. Such tutors can also provide assignment help, essay help, etc. to the students in their academics.


In this way, AI can be used in the education sector for the betterment of this sector. It will help both the teachers and the students and save time. Students can get a personalized program to learn and clear their doubts and queries.


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