How architects and professionals from other industries can benefit from wide format printing

In general, companies that can benefit from wide format printers may still be relatively unsure of what exactly they need. This is why on the following lines we are explaining wide format printing, and how it can be used (in case your company is not already using it, but you believe it should be), and all the positive outcomes of utilising wide format printing.

 Wide format printers are just devices that operate on your company network to create materials such as blueprints with a maximum print roll width between 18″ and 100″. Usually, any capacity over 100″ is referred to as super wide format or grand format.


Wide format printing and how we can use it

The ways in which we can use wide format printers are endless. Perhaps you are in an industry or vertical where it is viewed as a key device – such as for architectural drawings or professionals who require architectural printing services, marketing projects, land management plans and more. These are some of the most common industries where wide format printing is popular, but there’s much more!

 Wide format printers can be utilised to market a product or launch a campaign and get the word out about your company. You can print a banner, sign, flag, decorative wall decal, and many more materials with this printing method.

 There are several reasons for companies and customers to go for wide format printing, but the end objective is always the same: making a long-lasting impression with eye-catching coloured displays that will manage to turn heads. If you are still unsure if you might benefit from wide format printing on your next project, continue reading – here are some of the most common uses:


  • Posters and banners
  • POP displays
  • Directories and business signs
  • Wall art, stickers, graphics, coverings or murals
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Exhibition graphics or trade show
  • Vending panels
  • Point-of-purchase graphics
  • Packaging



Benefits for your company

Such products have extraordinary benefits for your company. From more visibility to additional projects, or just creating crisp, large documents to present the information and your ideas, your firm will see growth when you go big thanks to wide format printing.

 Wide format printing also provides a variety of benefits to the customer, one of the most obvious being the impressive high resolution images on a grand scale. Some of the most modern printers are equipped with innovative ink curing technology that aids in its high quality colour and adhesion for those needing to print panels.


 Some other benefits of wide format printing can include:


  • Faster generation of materials thanks to high production capacity
  • 8 colour options + white and grayscale technology with better usage of ink
  • Capability to print on sheets or boards up to 126.5” wide and up to 2” thick
  • Decreased power consumption results in lower operating costs and hence lower consumer prices
  • Running multiple printing jobs all at once thanks to multi-queue functionalities
  • Improves productivity and profit with web-to-print capability


Wide format printing for your firm

Get started with wide format printing now. In case you are looking for the business-specific boost that you believe you need, wide format printing may be the answer for you.