How Animated Video Help Your Business to Boost Conversion Rates

In the digital era where every business is making its mark online, every business wants to escalate its brand presence. An online presence offers a lot of opportunities for a business to scale up. It is possible to reach out to a large audience online. This means the chances of finding your potential clients are high when your business is online. A challenge of online business is the high competition it poses with a lot of businesses already trying to establish themselves in the digital space.

The ultimate goal of any business is conversion and there are many ways online that brands take over. One such example is animated videos. A lot of brands have started using animated videos to capture customer’s interests. Animated videos such as explainer videos and gifs can be a fun way to interact with your customers.

An animated company video can be outsourced. You can brief them on your requirement and they can create the video for you. Here are a few reasons why you must incorporate animated videos into your business to boost conversions.

4 Ways How Animated Videos Help in Boosting Conversion Rates

People Relate to A Story More

Research suggests 63% remember stories and whereas 5% of people remember statistics. People connect more to a brand that they find relatable and animated videos are a great way to create the bond. A story can help a customer engage and feel relatable to a brand also increasing the number of views.

More number of views will eventually result in more conversion rate. Create an explainer video that narrates your brand’s story and focuses on building an emotional bond with viewers.

Conveys Your Brand’s Message both Verbally and Visually

You can create an animated explainer video to help your audience understand your product or service. Viewers of your website understand the information about the product or service more quickly when it is explained in a video. Videos make learning more engaging.

When you place an interactive and engaging explainer video on your home page, the bounce rate reduces. When you become successful in showcasing your service to your customers, you become the first brand in mind when the need arises. This will automatically increase the return on investment.

Adds Personality to Your Brand

Animated or explainer videos are a great way to evoke emotions and memories as they are entertaining. But they also add personality to your brand. It gives a human touch to your brand that relates to the audience.

This helps in brand retention and the audience is more comfortable sharing details such as email id, contact details to be further in contact with the brand when a brand has a personality. This increases the chances of promotions and the conversion rates of your landing pages.

Improves SEO

Animated videos help largely in making your website site engine optimized. This means the chances of your website appearing on the search engine is higher. This will bring more visitors to your website.

If you are looking to increase your conversion you can approach any animated company video and brief them about your requirement. The key is to be real and engaging and make sure you make a connection with your audience.