How Android 11 Features Advance Mobile App Development

Android 10 was one of the promising releases in the operating system environment. Google has now rolled out the first Android 11 Developer preview that is all set to enhance the experience for mobile app users.

Android 11 will mark the introduction of new technology enhancements that will help Android app developers to build intuitive and feature-rich apps. We are still a few months away from playing around the final build however, developer preview gives a sneak peek into what Google is thinking to imbed in the operating system.

Highlights of Android 11 Features

  • App Compatibility

Google is adding app compatibility with Android 11. With this feature, developers will be able to simulate an environment for app testing without even using the Android Debug Bridge shell commands.  

  • 5G Experiences

To help the smooth processing, Android 11 has added a significant API called Dynamic Meterdness. It allows smartphones to take complete advantage that comes with 5G. The API automatically detects that the smartphone is connected to 5G unlimited then, users will able to access the highest possible graphics and video quality that comes with the 5G technology.

Moreover, it brings faster speeds and lower latency to users across the globe. In Android 11 existing connectivity APIs are enhanced and updated to take advantage of 5G’s improved speeds.   

Another API that added in the newest release is Bandwidth Estimator that makes it easier to check downstream/upstream bandwidth.

  • Neural Networks API (NNAPI)

It is designed to run intensive operations for machine learning on Android devices seamlessly. In this release, developers can find new operations and execution controls that help in the optimization. It includes,

  • Quality Service APIs that support priority and timeout for model execution
  • Memory Domain APIs minimize memory copying
  • Privacy

Privacy is always at the core of Android but this year a few more features are added that increase transparency and control. To better protecting the users’ data, Android 11 will store all the app usage statistics in the credential encrypted storage.  For the most sensitive type of data, users can now grant temporary access to apps via a one-time permission feature. With this, if the user moves away from the app then they have to grant permission again for the next access.

  • Scoped Storage

Google introduced SAF (storage access framework) with Android Lollipop that helps developers to access file systems like an image editor or file manager. However, mobile app developers refrain from using SAF because of their poor reliability and performance issues. With Android 11, Google is set to bring “Scoped Storage” that allows mobile apps to read and store data only on secure folders. It is designed to handle spyware and malware.

  • Incremental APK installation

Installing large APKs tend to take a long time even if you have a small update. Knowing how app updates matter, with this update Google has introduced an Incremental APK installation that accelerates the process of installing APL while streaming the rest of the data in the background.

What’s New for Android App Development in the Enterprise?

Android 11 offers support for work profiles which makes your device capable of easier management of both work and personal-use on company-owned devices. Users can enjoy improved privacy benefits and witness a consistency of single work experience across both personally-owned and company-owned devices.

Moreover, Android 11 introduces UX enhancements to boost user engagement. Leveraging the capabilities of the operating system, developers not only build robust Android apps but also make them smart with Automated Shortcuts. Phrases like “Good evening, I’m home” can automate the lighting to switch on and phrases like “Google, leaving for office” can switch off your lights. Utilizing these shortcuts, you can automate many routines and take full control via apps that also reduce the need for third-party apps. A reliable mobile app development company is all set to develop enterprise apps using the latest operating system features that will mark excellence soon.

Android 11 Vs Android 10

Google has revealed the most interesting changes when compared to Android 10 like more APIs support 5G connectivity, better machine learning, remarkable experience for communications, and bigger privacy push.

  • Airplane mode no longer kills Bluetooth

Until Android 10, as soon as the user turns on the Airplane mode, Bluetooth is switched off. However, not anymore! Now it stays on even if the Airplane mode is activated.

  • Variable Refresh Rate

What’s trending? High Refresh Rate Displays!  Android 11 lets you set a preferred frame for each window if games and apps.


For both small and large scale enterprises, Android 11 is the most awaited news. Besides having the best features, its compatibility feature will help smooth integration of the Android operating system with diverse IoT-based devices for enterprises and also with AI-based devices. It can be said that Android 11 will mark as the new era of Android in 2020!

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