How and Where Should You Spray Perfume for Long Lasting?

The proper application of perfume is crucial for achieving a long-lasting and refreshing fragrance experience. Even with a high-quality perfume, one cannot achieve a lasting scent if they do not apply it correctly. From the right place to the appropriate application method, it is important to get it right. In doing so, one can transform their fragrance experience dramatically.

One of the key factors in having a better perfume experience is spraying it in the right place. People often spray perfumes all over their bodies, similar to deodorant. While this may provide an initial burst of fragrance, it evaporates quickly and does not last throughout the day. By doing this, one is essentially wasting their expensive all-time classic fragrances for women. Perfumes come in small bottles because they are meant to be used in small quantities. It is recommended to spray the perfume on your pulse points, enhancing the aroma and making it last longer. Major pulse points on the body include behind the ear, on the neckline, behind the neck, inner elbows, underarm, behind the knees, and ankles. One can choose any two pulse points based on their outfits and lifestyle, and spray once on each in a short duration. This trick will not only make the perfume last longer but also make you smell great.

While it is a common notion that skin is the best place for perfume application, it is not necessarily true for a lasting result. One can make their perfume last a bit longer by applying it to their hair and clothes. Hair strands absorb fragrance molecules similarly to skin but do not perspire, which helps in holding the perfume for a long time, keeping one fresh and aromatic. Clothes can also help make the perfume last longer, with Eau de parfum lasting up to 24 hours on a clean and fresh pair of clothes. However, it is important to avoid spraying perfume with alcohol on silk or luxury fiber clothes, as it can damage the embroidery work or cause discoloration.

For a Long Lasting Perfume, it is important to apply perfume to clean, moisturized skin. Using a perfumed body soap or body wash to get rid of dirt and sebum from the skin is recommended, followed by slathering the body with a moisturizing lotion or cream. This provides hydration to the skin, allowing perfume molecules to stick and hold in the perfume, making it last longer. If one has dry skin, moisturization is a necessary step to hold in the perfume and make it last longer. Layering different perfumed products on the skin is also an effective trick to smell great all day. One can start by using a perfumed body soap or shower gel, followed by an aromatic moisturizer. Once the skin is clean, one can spray a perfumed body spray and top it with a perfume of their choice. This trick can either create a new fragrance or make the same aroma more vibrant.

When choosing a perfume, it is important to consider the season and time of the day. Citrusy, fruity, and floral scents are great for summer and spring, while aquatic, herby, and citrusy perfumes are ideal for the monsoon season. Gourmand and spicy notes work well for the autumn season, while woody, deep floral notes, and spicy notes are ideal for winter. Researching perfumes before purchasing them can help make perfume last longer.

The quality of the scent is also crucial for making perfume last longer. Perfumes with only 5-10% essence concentration do not last all day as they have a higher alcohol concentration, making the perfume evaporate faster. It is recommended to get only the perfumes with at least 15% or more essence concentration, providing a lasting aroma for hours. Brands like Perfumer’s Club create some of the best aromatic perfumes for men and women that can be used for everyday or occasional use. Rather than spending money on deodorants and EDTs, these tricks of application can help make perfume last all day.

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