How Alcohol Affects the Body and Mind?

Did you know that alcohol is a drug? Many drinkers’ scorn what they perceive to be drug users when they are in fact consuming one of the most addictive drugs there is. Alcohol causes a lot more damage to the body than many illegal drugs. These days there is a lot more education about the negative effects that alcohol has, but this doesn’t seem to stop people from drinking more and more. But what does alcohol do to the body? 

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Drinking alcohol may seem to lift the mid-temporarily why so many social activities are based around it. But it is, in fact, a depressant that slows all the systems and functions of the body down. Supposedly felt in the short-term drinking alcohol is more than outweighed by the negative impact it has on health. Alcohol is particularly damaging to the nervous system, and often alcohol abuse and depression go side by side. Drinking is often used as a method of self-medication by some people suffering from depression, but this will only make things worse. Drinking can make existing mental health conditions worse and possibly even trigger underlying ones. Drinking alcohol whilst taking antidepressants are other medications can be very dangerous and undermine their effects. Many medications are contraindicated by alcohol and even many antibiotics can find their effectiveness produced if taken in conjunction with alcohol.

It’s not just the effect that alcohol has on mental health. Drinking to excess puts a great strain on physical health, too. Over time, the body gets used to dealing with alcohol. Alcohol is actually a poison and can cause damage to every single system and function of the body. Alcohol can cause heart disease, degenerative conditions of the liver, breathing and respiratory problems, and certain types of cancer.

Alcohol may temporarily boost many people’s confidence in the bedroom but again-its negative effects can actually do the opposite. Alcohol can have a dramatically negative effect on sexual health and well-being. A man who drinks heavily may find himself suffering from “Brewers droop,” which usually refers to difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection when under the influence. A heavy drinker may find he suffers from this even when he hasn’t been drinking – as the effects of drinking last much longer than the inevitable hangover.  Men who drink to excess will also find that the quality of their sperm decreases and their chances of fathering a child lessen. It’s not just men who are affected, however. Women who drink too much will find their periods often become irregular and may find it difficult to conceive. If she plans to become pregnant and is trying for a baby then it’s best to drink no more than recommended guidelines, if at all. You can visit the website to know more about how alcohol affects your health when you are pregnant? Drinking in pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth and places both the health of the mother and the unborn infant in peril.

Only by stopping drinking completely can someone with an addiction to alcohol help repair the body. It can be difficult to go it alone and for a heavy drinker, it can be extremely dangerous to give up drinking without medical supervision. If you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol then is rehabilitation help widely available, to help you give up drinking safely.

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