How accurate is Masturbation during pregnancy? Know here

There are many myths spread among people about Masturbation Masturbation. Whereas, Masturbation is a natural action, which is completely safe for both men and women. In many cases, having sex during pregnancy can be a threat to both the mother and the fetus in the womb. But, how accurate is Masturbation? How safe or dangerous can masterbation be for a mother or child? Dr. Nithya Ramamurthy Gynaecologist going to talk about this.

Know, can you do pregnancy Masturbationor not?

Some pregnant women lose their desire for sex, while in some women the desire for sex also increases. In this case, Masturbation may be the right approach. Masturbation in low risk pregnancy has no adverse effect on any woman or her fetus. At the same time, if a pregnant has high risk pregnancy, then the chances of going to labor due to the organism can increase. Usually in women, the habit of Masturbation starts from adolescence and they continue this habit while staying with the husband after marriage. Which is very common.

When not to do Masturbation during pregnancy?

If there is any type of bleeding from the vagina during pregnancy, masterbation should not be done.
If you use any kind of equipment or toy for masterbation, do not use them during pregnancy.
If delivery time is close, then avoid it.
In addition, Masturbation in pregnancy should be done very carefully, so that it does not put any pressure on the water bag.

Benefits of Masturbation during pregnancy

You can have the following benefits of doing Masturbation during pregnancy:

Frequent vomiting may be reduced.
There is relief in back pain.
It is helpful in reducing swelling in the feet.
relieves stress.
Can prevent irritability.
The problem of sleeplessness can be overcome.
This can be done quite easily without any sex position.
There is also no possibility of pressure on the pregnant’s abdomen by Masturbation.

Effect of Masturbation in pregnancy

Some women feel mild abdominal cramps after reaching orgasm during sex or Masturbation. Because of this, they may feel pain. It is caused by muscle contraction, which is natural. During this, the uterine tube opens slightly, which also closes automatically after some time.

However, in the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy, such a condition can cause premature delivery of the baby. Because, semen in the vagina softens the uterine cervix, which can open its duct. But, for women who do not get the orgasm from Masturbation, it can be a very safe way to fulfill their sexual desire. However, be very careful about cleanliness during this period.

As, every woman’s physical condition is different, it may be better to consult a doctor about it once.