Houwzer vs Listing Spark – Genuine Review!

Houwzer and Listing Spark are the two biggest real estate companies. The people who are looking forward to choosing their real estate services provider may get confused with so many options in the market. If you want to know the genuine reviews of these two companies, then you have landed at the right place.

Here, we will discuss all Houwzer as well as Listing Spark, one by one.

What is Houwzer?

Houwzer is a real estate brokerage firm that provides discounted services and huge commission savings to home sellers. Instead of paying a 3% listing commission to the traditional realtors, Houwzer needs you to pay only a flat fee. So, if you have an expensive home, then Houwzer can be a good option for you. However, you must also know about the trade-offs before you hire Houwzer services. The firm may provide you lesser agent support compared to the full-service real estate agent. This may impact your service quality, experience, and result. There are other discount real estate providers too that may offer you a better mix of savings and quality service.

Houwzer: Things to know about!

Here are the things to know about Houwzer:

  • Houwzer expects the home sellers to pay them a listing fee of $5,000. Other than this, you are also expected to pay a 2.5 to 3% buyer’s agent commission.
  • Since Houwzer agents offer services to many more customers than regular realtors, you may not receive personal support from the Houwzer agent in your home sale.
  • Houwzer operates in five states which are FL, NJ, MD, PA, Washington DC, and VA.
  • The company was launched in Philadelphia in 2014. Since then, the company has transacted real estate deals of more than $1 billion value.
  • Houwzer is dedicated to providing basic services just like how a traditional realtor does but intends to make the service affordable. Unlike the brokers who charge a percentage of the home sale as their commission, Houwzer charges a flat listing fee, irrespective of the property price.
  • If you have an expensive home, then Houwzer’s flat-fee model can mean major savings. But due to the discount brokerages, Houwzer’s compromised service must be carefully evaluated.

How does it work?

Houwzer works just like a discount brokerage.

  • They handle many more customers per agent.
  • They work at low operating costs.
  • The agents work salary basis.
  • The sellers who buy with Houwzer may be offered extra discounts. An extra discount of around $2,500 may be given to the customers who buy as well as sell with Houwzer. Depending on the type of transaction, Houwzer lowers your listing fee or refunds you.
  • The current customers are upgraded with additional services.
  • They charge a flat listing fee and the sellers can save many dollars, especially when selling an expensive home.
  • Houwzer offer does not expire. The sellers are eligible for a refund in the future.
  • As per Houwzer reviews, their realtors offer the same level of services just like a traditional realtor. But service quality may be an issue. The traditional brokerage offers you a full-time personalized real estate agent who provides continual support at every step. But Houwzer agents handle more clients and customers, and hence personal attention may not be possible.

Houwzer: Pros and Cons

The pros include:

  • As per Houwzer reviews, their agents are believed to have more experience.
  • A Houwzer agent guides you in every stage of the home selling process. They help you with pricing, professional photography, video tour, advertising of homes, negotiating, coordination, closing sale, etc.
  • Due to the flat fee structure, the company lets the sellers save hugely on the agent’s commission.
  • Houwzer’s service is best suited for homes that have a higher selling price.

The cons are:

  • You might not get personal attention from their real estate agents. So, if you require hands-on support when selling your home, Houwzer may not be a good choice for you.
  • Due to the team-based working methodology, there are chances of mistakes. Houwzer often offloads tasks that are not under the real estate license category to reduce the burden on their agents. This means more efficiency but the risk of delay. Due to the more people involved in the deal, sometimes the individual team members are prone to committing mistakes.
  • If you think that your home has a complicated sale, you must consider working with a full-service realtor who can give it the attention it deserves.

What is Listing Spark?

Listing Spark is a real estate company that offers FSBO services in select markets in Texas. This FSBO listing platform is a licensed real estate broker. With the headquarters in Austin, you can use the company services to list your home on the MLS or Multiple Listing Service.

Listing Spark: Things to know

  • The company is owned by Aaron Jistel.
  • They charge $7 per day which is much lesser than the typical agent commission.
  • Listing Spark lists the property on MLS but you need to handle everything else.
  • If you want additional help while you want to sell your house, you can pay $975 and get complete help from the.
  • Listing Spark also provides title insurance, escrow services, lockbox, professional photography service, For Sale yard signs, etc.

How do they work?

You can sign up for one of the packages:

  • In the first package, you can create a listing on the MLS at $7 per day charges.
  • In the second package, you need to pay them a commission of 0.5% on the sales price of the home at the closing time.

After choosing the package, enter the home details, upload photos, and virtual tour of the home. Then, the firm will list your home on MLS as well as other real estate platforms.

Listing Spark: Pros and Cons

The pros of the company include:

  • The company not just lists your property on the MLS but also on other real estate websites.
  • You can get many additional services such as For Sale sign, professional photography, lockbox facility, and more.
  • The firm is known to be responsive to emails and calls, as per listing spark reviews.
  • The company offers a user-friendly interface, using which you can manage your listing easily.

The cons include:

  • Other than charging the customers $7 per day or an amount of $588 for a home sale closing in 60 to 70 days, Listing Spark also charges other fees such as Termination Fees, Transaction Coordination Fees, title fees, etc.
  • Listing Spark does not use the best technology as their listings are also manual. It takes time to list and make listing changes.
  • Listing Spark locking service does not guarantee deterrence of theft or unauthorized entry.

Now that you know both, you can take your call. Also explore Houzeo, the best Flat Fee MLS platform that guarantees maximum savings and exposure and cost-effective packages. You can also check out Houzeo reviews for more information.