Houston Motorcycle Accidents Are On The Up

For any individual who has either been the victim of a motorcycle accident in Houston or know someone who has, getting a lawyer that has direct experience in dealing with insurance adjusters, as well as experience of working in the courtroom, is an absolute must. This is where Fleming Law can help. 

Over the years they have presented numerous clients who have been subject to motorcycle collisions in Houston and the wider Texas state. These have often been as a result of careless and aggressive drivers of either trucks or cars. With motorcyclists having just as much right to be on the roads as other vehicle drivers, they also have the right to motorcycle injury protections. 

By using Fleming Law, you will have the opportunity to talk with a highly experienced motorcycle accident attorney who is local to the Houston area. They will work hard to ensure that your case receives the right amount of attention and compensation that it deserves. 

When experiencing a road traffic accident on your motorcycle it is important that you always get the full addresses and names of any witnesses that may have been present at the time. It is also important that you see a doctor so that the accident can be documented and all of your medical needs addressed. When being questioned by any law enforcement officials that attend the scene, it is important that you fully answer all of their questions and, if you are able, take as many photographs of the scene as possible. You should not begin communicating with the insurance company before you have first contacted a motorcycle certified attorney, such as Fleming Law. Finally, you should keep record of any and all work hours that have been missed as a result and of any medical expenses that have been incurred. 

Whilst riding a motorcycle is obviously more dangerous than driving an automobile, there are a number of government backed studies that provide some figures on just how dangerous it can be. For example, in 2014 there were 463 fatalities in Texas from being involved in motorcycle accidents. Of these, it was riders aged between 21 – 24, 27 – 29, and 51 – 56 that were most involved. Of the 463 fatalities, just 3% percent of them were women, with the rest being men. According to another study, riders of motorcycles are twenty six times more likely to die as the result of a road traffic accident than either drivers or occupants of an automobile are. Insurance data show that over recent years the percentage of motorcycle accident fatalities has greatly increased in comparison to automobile accident fatalities. 

Always wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle can greatly reduce a rider’s chances of dying when involved in an accident. In fact, the data suggests that riders have a 37% better chance of survival if they are wear a helmet and a 67% improved chance of not getting serious brain injuries as a result.

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