4 Popular Housing Designs That Are Trending In 2020

There are plenty of building designs that are dominating the market in the year 2020.

Quarrel the modern, minimalist home decor and urban style of architecture is doing the rounds some of the lesser-known like Scandinavian, industrial, tropical or Bohemian style of residential architecture is slowly gaining prominence.

So before you hire the best Sydney residential architects, do a bit of research for yourself!

Industrial Style

A pretty neat and unique concept of home interiors the industrial style is both modernist as well as utility-based also! Incorporating structures like metal pipes, columns, beams, ducts are all brought together to highlight the “mechanized” form of living.

Although this is still an innocent concept but, some of the leading architects are suggesting to go for this design as they not only complement your existing structure but also provide enough stability for the years to come.

Art Deco Style

Classic and all-time favorite, art deco style of interiors can be bombastic, bold and elegant – all at the same time. What started off as a glamorous lifestyle of the European Elites, has now creeped into modern households as well.

Some of the best Sydney residential architects are heavily inspired by this style as this is an exploration of symmetry and order that not only complements the existing but also, add aesthetics from every corners.

Bohemian Style

Most houses in Guatemala exhibit this style of residential architecture. But this unique pattern isn’t just concentrated in the Spanish districts around the world.

Even the most ultra modern Australian households are now gradually adopting this somewhat shabby chic form of interior designing, as it serves as an extension of their personal statement.

Relatively inexpensive than other architectural designs Bohemian style of residency will surely dominate in the years to come!

Zen Style

Thoroughly inspired from the Japanese philosophy and tradition Zen style of living is slowly gaining prominence in leading Australian states.

The best part of the style of architecture is that it creates a unique balance between harmony and aesthetics at the same time without compromising the comfort and sustainability of the proposed project.

No wonder, your residential architect might go for this style of architecture for your home!

That being said these are some of the trending architectural designs for your residence that you can definitely look into 2020 and beyond. It is interesting to watch out what the up coming decade has more to offer!

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