HotForex Market: Leverage and Account types

We discovered the provision of fixed or floating leveraged while trading with HFM, which is in fact a helpful feature, particularly for traders of compact footprint. Leverage gives you the chance to improve your prospective gains because it can multiply your balance a certain number of times. However, keep in mind that leverage can also work in reverse, also defining your risks. For this reason, it’s crucial to understand how to use the tool effectively.

HotForex provides a range of leverage options, from the “modest” ratio of 1:30 permitted by European legislation for Forex instruments to extremely high ratios as 1:1000 accessible through an international branch. However, remember to always be aware of the high dangers associated with leverage, as excessive leverage causes retail trading accounts to lose money quickly.

As a result, your leverage levels are first determined by the region’s regulatory requirements or, alternately, by your level of financial expertise. To find out which one you are entitled to, check with the customer support team.

  • For European firms subject to ESMA regulation, the limit leverage ratio for Forex instruments is 1:30, for spot metals it is 1:25, etc.
  • Residents of South Africa have access to leverage up to 1:200
  • Higher leverage ratios, such as 1:400, 1:500, or even 1:1000, are provided by HFM offshore firms because a given registration does not place restrictions on the products sold and permits high leverage levels.

Types of accounts

With 6 separate accounts, HFM offers a range of account alternatives based on various needs. The range includes Islamic Accounts appropriate for traders from the MENA region and abroad, as well as Micro, Premium, zero spread, HFCOPY, and PAMM Premium Accounts.

  • You can sign up for a Demo Account right away and subsequently convert it to a Live Account by making a deposit of funds.
  • Each of the account types offers good flexibility and allows you to decide based on your trading strategy, giving new traders, investors, and experts the freedom to establish their own trading style.
  • The ability to trade Micro lots, employ Cent or Nano accounts, or choose an account for Copy Trading is another advantageous feature that we must admit.

How can I sign up for a HotForex demo account?

Since no verification is required at this stage, opening a Demo account was rather simple for us. While all you need to do is follow the steps to open a risk-free account on the HFM website to gain access to the MT4 or MT5 platforms and an infinite supply of demo money. So, the procedure for opening a demo account is as follows:

Steps for opening a trading account

  1. Visit the page for signing into the HFM Demo Account.
  2. Enter your personal information, including your First and Last Name, Country of Residency, Email, Phone, etc., if you are a new client. Alternatively, if you are already a client, please sign in.
  3. Complete the first myHF registration form by entering all necessary information.
  4. Almost immediately after an account is approved, you can access a new demo account through your client area and submit a live account to manage your funds.

Predicting the price of cryptocurrencies

Fundamental analysis and technical analysis are the two basic methods used to evaluate cryptocurrencies. The news & events affecting the coins, exchanges, and other crypto firms are used in fundamental analysis. Only price data is used in technical analysis to identify past supply and demand hotspots for cryptocurrencies.


The supply and demand for the currencies can be impacted by governmental legislation, the introduction of new cryptocurrency technology, and issues at cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrencies’ apparent reduced correlations with conventional asset classes like bonds or shares is one of the benefits of trading them.

The performance of cryptocurrency CFD, particularly in nations with high ownership rates like South Korea and Japan, sometimes has a disproportionately large impact on price movement. Investors lost faith in the security of funds stored in cryptocurrencies because of the hacking and collapse of the Mt Gox & YouBit digital currency exchanges, which also led to a steep decline in the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Technical Assessment


Some people think that because there are so many retail traders, cryptocurrencies follow classic chart patterns and other indicators of oversold, overbought, etc. more closely.

Any market where prices can easily fluctuate, and data is accessible to see such variations can benefit from the use of technical analysis tools. A complete set of all the most popular technical indicators and charting tools are available on the FlowBank trading platform.