Hostiles Speak About Race Inequality In America That Needs Healing

Hostiles, was the most ruthless film of 2017, which was directed by Scott Cooper Florida. In this violent film, the director echoed its striking epigraph revealing that the indispensable American soul is an isolate, hard, and stoical as well as a killer, which has not yet been smelted. 

The story is about a US army veteran Captain Blocker and his opinions about the Indian Wars. Yellow Hawk is a legendary Cheyenne Chief, who is in captivity, but is released with his family because of his illness. Blocker reluctantly agrees to escort the Chief and his tribal friends to their native country in Montana from Mexico. What happens is a twisting dive into the malignant mentality of indigenous relations at the start of the 19th century. 

Along the way, Blocker and the team encounter plenty of hardships. They help Rosamund Pike a young widow whose husband and three children were attacked and murdered. 

Hostile, the movie is laden with astonishing cinematography, fantastic production design, great teamwork, and ideal costumes. Scott Cooper Florida is the writer and director of this movie, where he depicts Native Americans and how a man struggles with his inner demons. 

Scott Coopergenerally writes his manuscript but Hostiles is originally written by the late Donald Stewart. His wife found he late husband’s work and called Cooper to take it and make it his own. He read it and took the core, which is the cavalry captain enforced to escort a team of hostiles from one destination to another. He chose New Mexico and Montana as the two destinations between which the struggles, battles, opinions, wisdom talk, and calls for appreciation occurred. 

Cooper wanted to tell about what is occurring in America regarding racism. He found that racism is widening in the country and desired to speak about the polarized time. He wanted everyone in America to appreciate one another and reconcile. He felt that America needed to heal. The main character’s journey from New Mexico to the Valley of Bears turns into insight and education. 

American West was violent and wars were initiated because of land and resources. The US government was enforcing its control on the indigenous population. There is also an unforgivable, dark past of endeavored genocide. Scott Cooper Florida wanted the film to be punctuated by extremely violent moments. He hates violence, but these viciousness and vivid encounters experienced on the road end up teaching the characters psychologically and emotionally a way to lead a better life. Leaving a sordid past, religious persecution, or trying to re-invent can enhance people’s life a lot. 

Scott Cooper Florida wanted to show a psychological human journey in the movie and was successful. As a father, Cooper fears losing a child that he displayed at the start of the film when Rosalie loses three along with her husband at the hands of Comanche.

Later, Yellow Hawk helps her overcome the loss which encourages the stoic and hardened white men like Bolster to remember the good and appreciative deeds. She discovered some solace and faith in the end.