Hoshizaki Sushi cabinets: Take the best out of your sushi chef!

Many people are opting for the sushi food. This is the well-known Japanese delicacy that is made from pieces of raw fish that are mixed gently with other condiments, rice, and seaweed. This delicacy is always in need of the greater refrigeration quality that is available.

The sushi cabinets have been created for professional use in restaurants and bars where sushi is made in front of the customer. Most of the open kitchens in such restaurants are using these minuscule chillers to preserve the freshness of the sushi creations.

Sushi chefs are usually having them close since they will need to place them inside every time they prepare the food. These sushi cabinets are having a special room that is getting chilled all the time, preserving the sushi food to the right temperature which is among 2 and 7 degrees Celcius.

There is no compromise acceptable for the temperature alteration while you are preserving sushi rolls. Customers are always reluctant to consume Sushi rolls if they are not preserved in Hoshizaki chillers. 

Special characteristics of the sushi cabinets

Hoshizaki has made it easy for sushi chefs to have their customized sushi cabinet to preserve their sushi rolls. Most of the time, these sushi rolls are not staying more than an hour in the cabinet. However, the sushi cabinets need to be close to them when they are working.

These cabinets are made from fine metal and wood components so they are not rusting or corroding with external restaurant conditions. They are also having a special transparent glass that shows the sushi rolls to the hungry customers.

However, they are spacey and can preserve many dozens of sushi rolls inside. Their lightweight design makes it easier to carry them on with you when the sushi chef needs to alter its location. No matter, how lightweight the sushi cabinets maybe they are always equipped with top of the art motors.

These motors are giving them great cooling abilities that are undeniably the best in the market. Don’t forget that sushi chefs are working close to open kitchens where ovens and frying pans are apparent. This means that the motor needs to make extra effort to work efficiently and chill the cabinet.

This is greatly anticipated by the Hoshizaki insulation system that keeps on being innovative and different from anything else you have seen before. Manufacturers have added special anti-thermal surfaces to reflect the outer heat away from the sushi cabinet.

You will enjoy a great technology that is only valid with Hoshizaki devices. The great legacy that the Japanese industry is giving to the world is only comparable to the sushi rolls creation itself.

Hoshizaki sushi cabinets rule the world

Every sushi restaurant that respects its clientele is using the Hoshizaki sushi cabinets when preparing sushi rolls. This is a clue that never can be denied by any visitor in such a respectable type of restaurant.

Japanese are well-known for their technological supremacy. Hoshizaki sushi cabinets are just an example of their great contribution to food science.