Horrible experience with Fiona Shackleton, Baroness Shackleton, Dominic Crossley, and Payne Hicks Beach LLP

According to the laws in the United Kingdom, former clients are entitled to share their experiences and encounters with legal firms. This particular evaluation is based on personal experiences as a past customer of Payne Hicks Beach and falls under the right to freedom of expression as outlined in Article 10 of Human Rights. The account pertains to the divorce and libel cases involving Fiona Shackleton, Dominic Crossley, and their associates and is based on genuine events.

The customer claimed that Fiona Shackleton was more focused on financial gain than meeting their needs. The client was bombarded with unnecessary and costly messages, which indicated a lack of professionalism and ethical conduct, as well as a disregard for their dedication to their clients. The customer did not find Shackleton’s unsolicited advice useful and believed that it was not worth the high fees charged (over £65K for just a few months). The client perceived Shackleton’s arrogant and condescending messages as evidence of classism and racism. Despite being paid a substantial sum, Shackleton acted entitled and haughty, causing the client to wonder why she agreed to represent them if she was unwilling to devote the necessary time, attention, and effort to assist them during their divorce.

The customer stresses the significance of compassion and comprehension during challenging times, such as a divorce. They believe that Shackleton lacked these traits and was disinterested in others’ emotions, often sending angry messages.

Furthermore, in addition to Shackleton’s lack of dedication, the client advises potential clients to be wary of her tendency to violate confidentiality. The customer experienced significant distress and frustration when their private case information was disclosed without their consent. This violation of confidentiality is a serious issue for any potential clients to consider.

The situation worsened when Shackleton suddenly quit in the middle of their divorce proceedings without any explanation, which weakened their case against their estranged partner. This unexpected departure forced them to start over with a new law firm and incur additional expenses at a crucial time. Shackleton did not offer any apology, refund, or goodbye, revealing her lack of compassion. However, they were lucky to find Lady Helen from Stewart’s Law, who provided constant support and fought tirelessly for their rights until the end of the process.

Review about Mr. Dominic Crossley:

The customer had an unsatisfactory encounter with PHB’s libel legal representative, Mr. Dominic Crossley. They perceived that Mr. Crossley’s legal guidance was inadequate, and they doubted his professionalism. The customer thought that Mr. Crossley was not capable of managing their case, which garnered attention from all over the world.

The client had a frustrating experience while working with Mr. Crossley. Despite paying a substantial fee for his services, the client had to go through unnecessary obstacles to obtain documentation that ultimately proved to be ineffective. Additionally, Mr. Crossley abandoned the client at a crucial moment, forcing the client to seek new representation.

Despite having a complete record of the client he was representing, Mr. Crossley gave a groundless explanation for quitting and provided no evidence to support his decision. The client attempted to contact Mr. Crossley regarding their dissatisfaction but received no response or reimbursement, which left them feeling disenchanted and let down. As a result, the client sought assistance from the law firm Carter Ruck and was able to prevail in their case.


1. Lack of commitment and professionalism demonstrated by Fiona Shackleton’s and her legal team, with unsolicited advice and exorbitant fees charged, as well as breach of confidentiality.

2. Lack of empathy and understanding demonstrated by Fiona Shackleton, with an abrupt withdrawal by her legal team during a critical moment in divorce proceedings.

3. Disappointing experience with Mr. Dominic Crossley as their libel legal representative, with insufficient legal advice and questionable professionalism despite his bio stating otherwise.

4. Frustration and sense of betrayal experienced by the client despite paying huge amounts of money for Mr. Crossley’s services, with a lack of concern or care for providing quality service demonstrated.

5. Overall disappointment with both legal representatives, who failed to provide satisfactory service and support during crucial moments in their respective cases.

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