Hormone Heroine: What to Do When You Don’t Feel Right

Once in a while, things seem a little off. This is what some of us refer to as a gut feeling.’ When everything doesn’t to be right, they probably aren’t. In that case, one needs to find out exactly why they feel the way they do.

Find Out the REAL Reason You Don’t Feel Right
Getting to know the real reason things seem off could be the first step to feeling a little better. For instance, if it is an issue with your significant other, find out precisely what. He started coming home a little too late, drinks a little too much recently, or even pettier things like he leaves the toilet seat open.

If it’s an issue with your job, find out. Is it because maybe the hours are too long, you are not making as significant an impact as you hoped, or even maybe it’s a specific coworker that bothers you. Examine how you feel about the real problem. Aim to recognize and understand your feelings about a problem before moving to make a decision about it.

Make A Choice
Making decisions should be done with a sound and clear head. To make decisions, one can use the SWOT analysis to weigh the pros and cons of a particular situation. SWOT stands for S-strengths, W- weaknesses, O-opportunity, T-threats. Typically, when one does not feel right, it boils down physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Sometimes the body doesn’t feel right. This could be accompanied by a couple of symptoms, including lack of sleep, irritability, anxiety, and fatigue. This could commonly be due to hyperthyroidism, a condition caused when the thyroid gland overproduces hormone thyroxine that increases body metabolism symptoms include irritability, palpitations, weight loss, difficulty falling asleep, among others.

It is important to note that hyperthyroidism requires a medical diagnosis, and therefore treatment should not be sought before then. In case of physical pain, no matter how subtle, consult a doctor. However, in cases that aren’t that deep, the following remedies should get you feeling right. Take a day off; you probably need time to yourself. Get the recommended hours of sleep. With all this, remember to listen to your body!

Sometimes we find ourselves a little too emotional and others not emotional enough. It isn’t easy to recognize how you are feeling and deal with it in all these cases. Basic emotions human beings are predisposed to include joy, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust. We often find ourselves bottling up feelings instead of allowing ourselves to let them out. This may cause things to feel a little off.

Accepting how we feel in situations is key to changing things we can and dealing with things we cannot change. Often, we find ourselves saying, ‘I have mixed emotions, this could, for example, be your feeling sadness and guilt for a particular reason, talking about it could help you back to feeling right again within no time.

A good number of people do not like having to sit through therapy sessions understandably for reasons such as it’s too costly. They would rather talk to their friends about it than a stranger disregarding just how much therapy can help you feel right again.

“We say we want peace of mind but what we really want is peace from mind,” Naval Ravikant.

Most of the time, we tend to overthink situations rendering us mentally exhausted. In some cases, this progresses to what we refer to as depression. Some of the tell signs and symptoms of depression include a change in appetite patterns, progressive weight gain or loss, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping.

It is important to remember that when one is knowingly or unknowingly predisposed to depression, they barely feel right, and treatment should be sought as soon as possible. Treatment of depression includes therapy and medication example, antidepressants. Generally, when things don’t feel right, you can’t pick why or it’s probably a dilemma.

1. Getting outside
Have you ever heard about the healing power of nature? Getting outside not only helps you to sneak in a few minutes of exercise, but you also get a chance to be social which should decrease your anxiety. You should try going outside if you want to boost your well-deserved energy.

2. Meditating
Taking time to listen to one’s self can increase a state of awareness. Meditation has been proven to calm the mind and provide clarity. A few benefits of meditation include,
It helps reduce negative feelings; it helps focus energy on the present, increases one’s imagery and creativity.

3. Doing what makes you happy
Sometimes the secret to feeling right is as simple as doing what makes you smile. With the era of social media, many people, especially the youth, have conformed to societal pressures just to fit in. This has left so many feeling off inside but so well put together in the general population’s eyes.

4. Checking in with your needs
It is paramount that we stay in tune with ourselves. Sometimes what we need is material, while other times, it’s not. If what we need is material, prioritizing will come in handy to ensure we feel whole while, if what we need is emotional, we should tend to it as soon as possible.

5. Doing something you enjoy/fun
Doing fun activities can help you get back youth high spirits. If you enjoy boat rides, going out for drinks with friends, watching a movie, this is just what you might need to do to feel right.

6. See friends and family
Hanging out with people you love is recommended to make you feel better.

While there are many reasons why you might not feel quiet right, there is always hope. Explore all avenues and consider taking this hormone course to help educate yourself on your own situation.