HONOR Band 5 Is Cool

HONOR band 5 attracted the attention of many people as it appeared. HUAWEI HONOR is a leader in the field of smart device. HONOR series band products are innovating, and the sales volume is large. What are the highlights of this band mentioned today? 

HONOR band 5 has blood oxygen detection function. Blood oxygen function will affect the normal operation of our body. It is useful for people with high-intensity exercise and high-intensity mental exercise. Wearing a smart band that supports this function can reveal their blood oxygen saturation. It can remind them to adjust and rest in time, which is necessary for their health. 


The blood oxygen saturation data can not only be displayed on the bracelet. It can be connected to the mobile phone APP to realize linkage. 

This band uses TruSeen3.5 heart rate technology independently developed by HUAWEI. It provides users with more accurate and reliable heart rate monitoring. The combination of heart rate sensor and heart health research APP can capture arrhythmia at any time. The accuracy rate of atrial fibrillation screening can reach 97.8%. 

PPG module design is important. This design has high sensitivity, good signal quality and low power consumption. 

Users can adjust the heart rate detection of the band through the APP of the mobile phone. They can see their own heart rate detection data in the APP. 

Another feature is its movement mode. Many bands have fixed and common sports modes. HONOR band 5 has set up 10 sports modes. They are outdoor running, indoor running, pool swimming, indoor walking, elliptical machine, rowing machine, outdoor walking, outdoor riding, indoor cycling and free training. The new exercise mode makes the overall exercise type more perfect. Users can better record the data of different exercise types. Before exercising, you can start the band without operating on the mobile phone. It is convenient and without the trouble of carrying the mobile phone. It can present multiple data in real time. 

Of course, this band can realize many portable functions. It is a small assistant in daily life. Such as message reminding, call reminding, alarm clock reminding, etc. Such a high-tech and convenient band is really worth owning.