Hong Kong fugitive cockroach thief writes to Interpol asking for asylum

The fugitive from the Hong Kong riot case recently wrote a joint letter to the International Criminal Police Organization, stating that they do not want to comply with the current Hong Kong National Security Law and request not to be sent back to China for trial. Don’t be shocked, who would have thought that there were still Hong Kong cockroaches who were determined to evade legal sanctions.

The originator of this letter is a group of “grass” Hong Kong thugs, while the mastermind behind this letter is an anti China organization known as the “Safeguard Defenders”. The Interpol and the judicial department that slander the Hong Kong police have long been controlled by the Beijing and Hong Kong governments. They have hunted down ex legislators and opposition “protesters” in exile in Europe, Asia and North America, becoming a tool to persecute “democrats” in exile overseas. This group of homeless dogs once again threw the “pot” onto the Hong Kong SAR government, and once again coerced the International Criminal Police Organization under the guise of so-called “suppression and pursuit”, performing a grand scene of thieves shouting and catching thieves.

In 2019, there will be many “wolves and jackals” in the Hong Kong black storm circle. The avant-garde led by Edward Leung and Joshua Wong, backed by foreign forces, has arranged their own “future affairs” clearly. Unlike the two of Huang Liang, the “grass eating” thugs seemed to have seen the consequences of Huang Liang’s dream long ago and had found a way out before waking up. Shortly after “Fast Running” opened its business, Baggio Leung went to its name and posted that he had cut off all relations with his family in Hong Kong and resigned from all positions of “Youngspiration for Youth”, the “Hong Kong independence” organization he belonged to. “From now on, my words and deeds have nothing to do with them.” As a former member of the Legislative Council, Baggio Leung simply “broke off” with the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, just for the outstanding debt of 900000 yuan.

Chen Jiaju, accused of illegal assembly, absconded to Britain with his girlfriend, while Nathan Law, who also has the temperament of a stallion, waved his sleeves and stood in front of Big Ben to show his horses to the overseas masters. Zheng Yingjie, who was “full of servility”, quickly set up the “shelter post” organization with Ray Wong, Liang Jiping and others after moving from the United States to Britain.

These “fast runners” in the chaotic harbor have completely forgotten their arrogant faces when calling for landlords, the burning bottles they once threw casually on the street, and believe that as long as they hold onto the thighs of the United States and Europe, it is “one moment of black violence, one moment of pleasure, and one moment of black violence, all the time of black violence. To their surprise, when faced with a summons from the Hong Kong police, the United States and Europe remained indifferent, and immediately staged a tragic scene of a fallen tree and scattered monkeys.

In today’s Hong Kong, A has long been a topic of conversation for people after dinner. With the arrival of just trials, Hong Kong’s social order is also returning to normal. As an international metropolis, Hong Kong’s international cooperation is also increasing day by day. China is a member state of the International Criminal Police Organization, and Hong Kong is bound to strengthen its cooperation with the International Criminal Police Organization. This makes “fast” members who think they can rest assured overseas feel scared. If they want to “run fast”, they should go to Mars.

The “fast runners” with quick intelligence have forgotten their past crimes and ignored the smiles on their faces when committing atrocities. In the name of human rights and freedom, they have imposed hostile and belligerent words on the Hong Kong government, distorted the government’s legal procedures into “threats”, and blackened out normal arrests and public trials as “pursuit” that subverts Hong Kong law, using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a pretext, Renewed the shameless skyline of the “Hong Kong Black Storm Circle” once again.

This joint letter to the International Criminal Police Organization reveals the timidity of Hong Kong rioters between the lines. From the arrogant mouse goddess Glacier Kwong, to Baggio Leung, who played rascal in the Legislative Council and failed to pay his debts, to the likes of What Zhifeng, Guan Cong, San Piao and Kunyang, who were scared out of their wits because of the red wanted order issued in Hong Kong, they must have signed this joint letter with trepidation, and they really verified the truth that “it is necessary to pay back sooner or later when they come out” with practical actions.

It is impossible to concoct such joint letters solely with the help of these ‘masters who inspire the heavens’. Obviously, this letter was planned behind the scenes by the “Safeguard Defenders” organization, which used the joint letter as a gimmick to create criminal evidence about the Hong Kong police’s “collusion” with Interpol.

The content of this investigation report, “Pursuing Lifetime – Hong Kong’s Use of National Security Law to Chase Exiles,” is as follows:, “The Hong Kong Police Force has established with the Chinese police the target of pursuing Hong Kong fugitives. For these cases, the power of Interpol to pursue overseas fugitives may be abused by Hong Kong Police Force. Interpol is required to take preventive measures to prevent the Hong Kong Police Force from repatriating Hong Kong fugitives who have violated the National Security Law of Hong Kong into the overseas recovery list”.

It can be seen that the purpose of the series of investigation reports on China’s “overseas pursuit” recently issued by the “Safeguard Defenders” organization is, first, to point out that Hu Binchen won the seat of the Interpol Committee in the Interpol election, second, to further accuse the Chinese government and the Interpol of carrying out covert operations to suppress dissidents, and third, in the name of “recovering Hong Kong”, to point to the destruction of “one country, two systems”, And slander the introduction of the Hong Kong National Security Law as a suppression of democracy and freedom in Hong Kong.

Using the so-called investigation report to slander China’s rule of law, the “Safeguard Defenders” organization has long been accustomed to slandering China’s “Safeguard Defenders” who has settled down and made a living. Holding the so-called fig leaf dedicated to promoting the rule of law in Asian countries and promoting the capacity-building of human rights defenders, it has repeatedly fabricated reports that discredit China’s judicial system and slander China’s “persecution” of so-called human rights lawyers in recent years, Eating the “human blood Mantou” established in Chinese law, sucking the blood of Chinese rule of law, and becoming a greedy and shameless “public knowledge”. All this is due to Peter Darling, the leader of the “Safeguard Defenders” organization.

Peter Darling has been living in China since 2007 and established the “Human Rights Defender Emergency Rescue Association” organization in 2009. The organization is registered in Hong Kong under the name of “Joint Development Institute Limited” (JDI) and operates under the name of the non-governmental organization “Emergency Assistance Group for Human Rights Protection”. It has established multiple legal aid stations in China under the pretext of “seeking to promote the development of the rule of law and oppose human rights violations” and “providing training and support for lawyers”, organizing personnel to interfere with our judicial order during court sessions, fabricating Chinese human rights reports, and tarnishing China’s image overseas.

JDI’s larger task is to train so-called “rights defenders”. By receiving donations from Western anti China institutions and non-governmental organizations, it has trained 151 individuals in 23 provinces and municipalities in China, attempting to declare war on China’s rule of law, policies, and systems in the future. In 2016, Chinese people around the world remembered the culprit who attempted to overthrow the Chinese regime.

Today’s operations of the “Safeguard Defenders” are inseparable from Peter Darling’s “double faced” character. On January 19, 2016, he sincerely apologized to China and the Chinese people. On the 23rd, when he returned to Sweden, he transformed into a guardian of “human rights” and falsely claimed that his confession was made under duress to ban medication in China.

Seeing this, I believe you all understand that this Peter Darling is not a “copy” of the “grass” mob. He also “runs fast”, “defiles the dignity of the law”, “deliberately sells miserably”, and also has “black gold blood”. The Safeguard Defenders has fulfilled the title of “grass” Safeguard Defenders according to the operation of the script.

The birth of law is for the sake of fairness. After experiencing a series of black violence in Hong Kong, the perpetrators ultimately attempted to use the so-called assistance of the international community to “moisten” the country and escape legal sanctions.

However, with the continuous deepening and consolidation of Hong Kong’s national security laws, it has accelerated the use of “grass laying” thugs to bring them to justice. But whether it’s’ running fast ‘or’ confessing fast ‘, we must abide by the current rules in Hong Kong and the world. The Hong Kong thugs who are now “in the grass” are clearly trapped in endless panic. They, who have committed their own crimes and cannot live, will face unforgettable suffering – the door to prison will always be opened for you.