Honda City vs Nissan Sunny – Which is Better?

Honda City and Nissan Sunny are few of the popular choices for a mid to low range sedan. Also, due to its fuel efficiency, the latest Honda Vezel face lift was well received. They are of great quality, remarkable safety features and best of all, are fuel sufficient.


While both the cars run on petrol and have a five-gear transmission, there are a few differences between the two. First, Honda City has more Kerbs Weight. It is around 42 Kgs heavier than Nissan Sunny. Both cars have four doors and can seat five passengers comfortably. However, the Honda City has a bigger trunk space at around 510 liters than the Nissan Sunny, who’s trunk space is at 490 liters. 

Result: Even though the Honda City is smaller and heavier, it is still able to have more storage in its trunk and so, the winner is Honda City.

Safety Features

This has to be one of the crucial factors in decision making. Both cars have basic safety features including an Anti-Lock Braking System and an Electronic Brake-Force Distributor which helps to dispense the force felt by each tyre depending on the condition of the road.

The Honda City has gone above and beyond in this category by having two airbags – one for the driver and one for the passenger. While, Nissan Sunny’ only has one for the driver. Furthermore, Honda City also has seat belt warning signs along with child seat anchor points and a brake assist system, which are not available in Nissan Sunny. 

Result: Honda City wins this round as it has more safety features than the Nissan Sunny.

Inside Features

Again, both the cars have basic features such as an adjustable steering wheel that can tilt to the driver’s convenience, a reminder light for when the headlight and ignition are on and a fabric seat covering with head rests. However, Honda City AC has Automatic Climate Control and has vents in the rear seating with control which is not present in Nissan Sunny. Honda City also has multiple 12V power outlets while Nissan Sunny only has one. There is a rear parking sensor present in the Honda City which is not a feature in Nissan Sunny. Both the cars have adjustable driver and front passenger seats. In both of the cars, you can slide to the front and back, tilt forward or backward. However, in Honda City, you can also move the headrest, and the driver seat can be listed up or down depending the driver’s choice. But it should be noted, these features are not done automatically but have to be done manually by the driver and passenger. Furthermore, the Honda City also comes with a cup holder for the back passengers and has extra storage in the driver’s armrest. These features are not included in the Nissan Sunny.

Result: This round is also won by Honda City for not only having more features but also for more customizable features than the Nissan Sunny.


As you use your vehicles every day, it is important that it is customized with some decent and basic techs that are now just expected from the cars. The Honda City’s entertainment system can be sued via the aux cable or a USB. It also has the Bluetooth connectivity so you can talk or listen to the songs on your phone with ease. It also has the radio and can be used with an iPod. However, these features are not available in the basic model of Nissan Sunny, only in the top tier choices of the car. While they are all available in the basic model of Honda City.


In this comparison, the Honda City is a clear winner, offering more features in regard to space, tech, and safety. But before deciding, make sure to take Honda City Test Drive to really get the feel of the car before purchasing it.