Home Smart Home: India’s Booming Home Automation Market

India is a jam-packed country where people always look for makeshift, so the need for tools for extra gear that may care for daily routines at home — working lights, air conditioners, heaters, air purifiers, door locks, cameras, and extra. 

Sensational developments in home automation systems, where all particular devices are now getting connected than ever before. These devices have established an environment that has now extended to the home automation industry. Smart Devices enabled with the Internet of Things (IoT) are currently used across many homes in India.


Given the rise in India’s population, the demand for houses has also increased significantly in recent times. According to research by 2040, India’s real estate market will grow to a massive amount of Rs. Sixty-five thousand crores from a sheer amount of Rs12,000 crore in 2020. Since the pandemic, the market for luxury and the automated home was seen to rise. Families are shifting between cities to adjust to the changing work patterns and adjust to the new normal work from home.

The excellent home market includes networked gadgets and associated providers that allow automation and smart home development. It might be a digital camera that displays the home or a ceiling fan that enhances or decreases pace sensing the consolation of the occupants of the room.


A regular home has devices where all devices need to be controlled and handled manually. Whereas in smart homes, smart devices are connected directly to the home WiFi, making it simple to manage them. These gadgets may monitor some aspects of a consumer’s life. The software tracks an individual’s habits, home management in situ or remotely- controlling and turning on and off the devices and appliances as per the settings, sensors sensing the and modifying the required adjustments and alerting the breach of security, and much more.

Smart Technologies that are trending in the smart home market are thermostat temperature controllers, smart security systems, WiFi / Internet/ Intranet connections, smart lightings, smart appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, room cleaners), smart lightings, smart heating/cooling systems for ventilation, air conditioning and heating etc. 


There is a bus all over India about smart cities and smart homes, thanks to the pandemic. People are confined to small areas and are looking for more options within their reach from their houses’ comfort. Living habits are emerging into futuristic lifestyles. As per research, smart houses’ demand has risen with around 12% users who are already using smart technologies and 33% users ready to use Smart home technologies. Devices like Nuvo sound systems are easily available in Legrand.

These IoT devices are confined to the four walls of the house and extend to the exteriors such as garage, parking, driveway, lawns, garden, etc. People opt to invest in smart homes and houses with IoT to improve their lifestyle and make lives easier and better. This enables them to live comfortably and also utilize the saved time for other productive tasks.