Home Office Hacks: How to Organize Your Desk

Have you been working from home lately?

Throughout the past year, working from home has become more and more popular as businesses seek to minimize the spread of the pandemic. Many people have also felt the benefits of working away from the office and hope to do so long-term.

But if you have a lot going on, you might have a lot of clutter in your workspace. To work effectively, you need to know how to organize your desk.

So how do you go about how to make your desk organized? We go into our top tips below!

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Utilize Your Drawers

So, do you want to know how to organize your desk at work? Do you often find your surface area collects piles of papers, and you’re not sure how to keep the mess at bay?

If so, rethink how you’re using your desk’s drawers.

Most desks have several drawers or cabinet panels, and you can use them to keep your desk in order. Think about which types of projects you usually accrue and organize them according to the topic.

Then, sort anything on your desk according to those subjects. 

Use the One-Touch Method

Do you ever find that you have too many papers?

While many companies are trying to reduce their paper output, you still likely get a sheet of paper at least occasionally. If you find that these sheets pile up, you probably want an option that helps you keep them tidy.

To do this, use the one-touch method. When you sort through your papers, try to only touch them once. Quickly look over each sheet and decide whether or not you still need it. If you don’t need it, recycle it, but if you do need it, put it in one of your drawers. 

Create Zones

Want to know one of our favorite tips for how to organize your desk?

Create zones on your desk’s surface. 

Most people have more than just one type of item on their desk’s surface. In fact, many people decorate their office space with photos of their families or loved ones. They also may keep other special keepsakes there.

In addition, you probably have a few things you need to keep on the surface, such as a phone or some files. 

To handle this, dedicate certain areas of your desk to different things. Have an area for your devices, such as your phone and computer, and then a space for your personal items.

If needed, get a place to store your files, such as a holder.

Organize Your Cables

Do you have a lot of cables?

Most workers use more than one device within the course of the day, and those devices usually require cables in order to receive electricity.

But you don’t want your cables to get disorganized. If you want to get your wires organized, use a cable tray

Put in a Filing Cabinet

Do you have a lot of files?

Some employees have more files and papers than others, given the nature of their work. In this case, you should get a filing cabinet.

These pieces of furniture don’t need to take up a large amount of space, either. They come in many different sizes, so if you don’t need a lot of extra storage space, you can buy a smaller cabinet.

Get Some Boxes

If the word “boxes” only conjures up cardboard, don’t worry. 

There are many different types of storage boxes, and some of them even come in pleasant-looking colors. Purchase some, and then place labels on them, describing their contents.

Then, stack them either in a cabinet or in an orderly fashion on your desk.

Take Some Time to Get Organized Each Day

Do you ever find that mess creeps up on you? Do you find yourself resolving to get organized over and over again?

If so, you might discover that you have difficulty finding the time to get everything sorted into its proper place. To combat this, you should dedicate a few minutes every day to put everything away.

It doesn’t have to be a ton of time, especially if you’re busy. Think about setting aside just 5 minutes to put everything in its proper area. 

That way, you aren’t taking much time away from your day, and you can keep your desk in order. Try to do it at the same time every day so it becomes a regular part of your day.

Put Some Shelving on Your Walls

Want to know how to organize your desk if you’re working from home?

Consider putting in some shelving! 

You might be wondering how shelving helps you keep your desk in order. When you put shelves in your home office, you have additional space to keep some of your office decorations.

This frees up an area on your desk to dedicate to your work without compromising your personal style.

If you put in shelving, you also have the ability to personalize your space even more. You can decorate them however you want, making the area more appealing to work in.

Use Organizing Trays

Many companies sell trays that help you organize the office supplies on your desk.

They come with different compartments, which give you the ability to sort your supplies by category. That way, you can keep all of your pencils and pens together and keep any other supplies organized.

Do You Want to Go Beyond Knowing How to Organize Your Desk?

Now that you know how to organize your desk, you’ll be able to keep your space tidy while you work.

This will help you stay focused and know where everything is when you need it. That way, you can get everything done without having to stress out about your space.

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