Home Maintenance Musts for Mountain Living

Moving to a mountain home can be a serious transition. There are plenty of hazards out there that you just won’t find in the city. Have you properly prepared your home for the changing seasons?

Springtime Tips for Mountain Homes

Spring would be the best time to get started. The weather ought to be perfect for a few outdoor projects. Plus, the sooner you start preparing the more time you’ll have for other things.

Replace Your Weatherstripping

Over the winter, your home’s weatherstripping can take a beating. If you need to replace it, now would be the time.

Drain and Refill Your Hot Water Heater

Flushing your hot water heater occasionally is a good idea. We’d suggest taking care of that once the weather gets nice.

Pressure Wash Your Home’s Exterior

Homes accumulate a ton of dirt over the winter. Pressure washing the exterior will keep it looking great for a long time.

Check for Any Cracks Around the Foundation

Temperature changes can cause things to crack. Look around at the outside of your home. If anything happened, it would be found there. Repair any cracks that you find so they don’t lead to more damage.

Summertime Tips

Once summer arrives, in the mountains, things grow rapidly. If you don’t stay on top of your landscaping, you could be overrun.

Prune All Your Shrubbery

Trim all of the plants that are the closest to your home. These have the most potential for damage. After that, you can worry about the rest of the lawn.

Clean Your Fridge’s Coils

You don’t want your fridge to break during the heat of summer. Check those coils frequently.

Inspect the HVAC Unit

Air conditioning is important during the summer. But, heat is equally vital. Have someone take a look at your HVAC while it is still nice outside.

Fall Tips

Now, it’s time for you to get ready for winter. That’s when the most brutal conditions appear.

Aerate the Lawn

Aerating the lawn keeps it healthy. Plus, it’ll give all the snowmelt somewhere to go once it hits spring again.

Check Your Roof for Damage

You don’t want a bunch of snow on your roof if it has holes. Get those taken care of before the snow starts falling.

Winterize Your Pipes

A burst pipe can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only do you need to replace them, but you’ll have to repair a ton of water damage as well. Winterize your pipes to stop that from happening.

Winter Tips

If you’ve been preparing, then you should be ready by winter. It’s just routine maintenance at this point.

Shovel the Snow as it Falls

Letting the snow build up isn’t the best idea. You’ll have to shovel it at some point. So, you may as well start right away.

Leaves Your Faucets at a Drip

Letting the water continue running prevents it from freezing. Running water tends to stay liquid when it would freeze otherwise.

Mountain Living for Beginners

Transitioning from a temperate environment to a mountainous one can take some adjustment. Don’t let that intimidate you. After some time, you’ll start to feel confident living there. Preparing early can help you get to that place sooner. Keep these tips in mind as you look at Boulder Colorado real estate.