Home Maintenance Checklist

Taking good care of your home requires regular maintenance. There is so much to keep an eye on and keep in good shape so that your home is protected from any unexpected weather conditions that may come. 

Each season brings with it certain forecasts that can attack a home if it isn’t maintained properly. An excess of rainfall can lead to leaks and flooding, or strong winds can damage the exterior of your home if you don’t have the appropriate protective gear. 

That’s why it is important to have a solid home maintenance checklist put into place so that you can be prepared for the upcoming season well in advance. We have put together an extensive checklist for you to make sure you have everything covered for each of the main seasonal shifts. 


  • Roofing maintenance is important. Check your roof for any damage from the harsh winter months. 
  • Fit in bird cages to any chimney pots to divert birds from nesting in them.
  • Inspect and clean any guttering or drainage holes from any excess leaves, moss, or anything else that can cause an unwanted blockage. This is vital so that gutters can transport water around the house effectively and not cause a build, which could then lead to dampness. 
  • Get your windows cleaned inside and out so that there is no glare coming through as the sun starts to come out more and more. 
  • There’s nothing like a spring clean! Use this time to have a clearout of any seasonal outfits or items you no longer need and put any winter items away. 


  • Get your garden furniture cleaned, ready to be used outdoors in the good weather. 
  • Clean any patios and decking with a jet wash. 
  • Repair and paint any exteriors of the house such as fencing, window frames, and doors. 
  • Get your boiler serviced before the colder months come along. 
  • Get any climbing plants trimmed before they are allowed to grow across windows or guttering. 
  • Wash your curtains, pillows, and duvets!


  • Get the chimney swept.
  • Bleed out your radiators so that they work efficiently to heat up your home. 
  • Check for damage or sitting water if you have a flat roof. 
  • Clean and store away any garden furniture. 
  • Clear any gutters and drainage holes from dropped leaves. 
  • Clear excessive debris or leaves that have gathered around the exterior of your house to prevent the risk of dampness. 
  • As the days get shorter and darker a lot quicker, make sure security lights are working efficiently. 


  • Check the fences regularly for any storm damage and undertake repairs quickly to prevent further problems. 
  • Prevent damp happening by occasionally opening windows or using extractor fans. 
  • Check the pipes for leaks, especially after colder weather. 
  • Clean the garden from any leaves or debris and trim trees to avoid loose branches flying off in strong winds. 
  • Double-check your roof for any slipped or loose tiles and have it fixed to keep the warmth in the house.