10 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Look Contemporary And Rich

Everyone dreams of having a fine house with a rich interior and contemporary look. But no matter how much space or money you have, what matters is how you plan your interior. Regardless of your low budget, you can easily give your home a high-end look without having to spend on an extensive and costly remodel. This is possible with a few simple, reasonably priced updates that can help any place appear newer, bigger, and more modern. Follow these 10 simple tips to have a spacious, appealing and expensive looking home environment.

  1. Paint Your Walls In Neutral Color

Before painting any wall, you need in depth consideration of your room’s environment including its size, shape, furniture and audience. According to competent and experienced interior designers throughout the world, the best way to make a small room look bigger is to paint it with neutral colors. This doesn’t only help in making the rooms look spacious but also  neat and tidy. Most rich people with big houses have neutral toned walls with which they keep mix and matching furniture and different accents according to the changing fashion and trends.

  1. Install Glass Walls:

Glass walls have recently gained popularity in the interior design industry. It comes in multiple designs including wall length windows, glass doors, exterior sliding walls, and room dividers. Mirror or glass elements can be used to design any room, let it be living rooms, kitchens, or even bedrooms. These help create a feeling of spaciousness that results in your home looking modern as well as appealing. Apart from that, mirror walls also help to reflect more natural light indoors which has their own health benefits. Want to feel the luxury and modernity of lavish homes? Get a mirror wall installed and witness the change in your entire interior.

  1. Install Glass Wall Fountains:

A new innovation in the world of interior decor are glass wall fountain. Before a few years, only the rich could imagine having fountains installed in their homes, now it’s possible for those who have a small budget as well. Whether you have an entire spare wall for a glass water fall or a small segment for a minimal water wall feature, modernity is now possible for regular people like us. Water wall fountains add an element of nature and serenity in your homes which gives the environment a spacious and outdoor look. The type of glass water feature that one should get depends greatly on the size and purpose of your room.

  1. Have Fancy Ceilings:

Unique architectural details are an easy technique to make your home look expensive. Replace your plain and boring ceilings with those with unique designs. These ceilings are not very expensive or rare and can be easily available in local interior decor stores. Another technique to decorate your ceiling is by adding simple ceiling medallions. They can be attached around a light fixture’s attachment and are usually made up of polyurethane material. These decorative ceiling medallions are quite reasonably priced and are available in different sizes and your desired colours.

  1. Innovate Your Doors:

The doors of your home do not have to be plain and boring. There are many door providers who provide fancy, elegant and stylish doors in pocket friendly prices. Such fancy doors can elevate the look of any mediocre room without having to install expensive wallpapers or remodel your homes walls.

  1. Minimal Furniture:

People often assume that getting fancy furniture would make their homes look rich and expensive. However thats quite the opposite. If you closely inspect a rich persons house, you will find that they mostly purchase simple and contemporary furniture thats the core of elegance and sophistication. If you wish to make your home look lavish, the trick is to keep it simple. This way a small space looks neater and bigger helping you achieve the exact thing you were looking for.

  1. Invest in Textile:

According to the most experienced interior designers, one of the easiest and smartest ways to make your house look expensive is to make it look luxurious. Whats the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word luxury? Comfort? Pillows? If yes then you’re absolutely correct. Pillows are soft and comfortable and give off a luxury vibe that can make any room look rich and expensive.

  1. Have full length curtains:

Have you ever noticed that all big homes on television and movies have full length curtains dropping till the floors? Having long draperies is an excellent way to make your home look expensive. Designers have often suggested that short length curtains look cheap and store bought. Along with curtains, you should go for simple and plain curtain rods that are less noticeable or distracting.

  1. Make Your Own Wall Art:

Art has always been associated with money and wealth. However purchasing a piece of art is often too expensive for regular people which is why it holds such great importance. A simple way to incorporate a luxe feel within your budget is by making your own wall art. Most of the fancy pieces of art are made using acrylic paint pour method. Although it’s tricky to make the perfect painting for your living room, its not impossible. You can find multiple methods online on how to make your very own piece of art.

  1. Lay Out Full Rugs:

Small rugs make rooms look small and congested. Instead opting for a bigger but less costly rugs over small sized, expensive ones. This is specially for those who have kids and pets in their homes which can both damage and destroy the rugs. Adding earthly feels to your home like a jute rug makes your room look spacious, cool and fancy as well. We recommend you to invest in cheaper rugs since they’re prone to damage and it will be easier to replace rugs frequently if the price is less.