Home Depot vs. Lowe’s Credit Card: Which one is better?

If you’re planning to sell your home or remain in the same place, Home improvement projects could increase the value of your property and give you the look of a brand-new home without having to move. If you do not have enough money to fund your next home improvement project, you might want to think about using a store credit card to purchase items and other supplies.

Lowe’s and Home Depot are the most familiar destinations for homeowners new to the field working on small projects and builders working on larger projects. Both stores for a home improvement have store cards with brand names that come with various perks, benefits, and offers on financing that can save you money on your home’s repair and renovations. You can visit Home Depot Credit Card Login Customer Service. There you will get all contact information regarding credit cards.

If you’re not sure which retailer, then you can use this Home Depot vs. Lowe’s Credit Card comparison will assist you in deciding which one is right for you as well as your wallet.

If you are a proprietor of a company and you make purchases from Lowes vs Home Depot, both of them have an enterprise credit card that might be a more suitable option to think about.

Home Depot Consumer Credit Card

Extended return policy and up to 24 months in special financing

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card will help you save money when planning the following home improvement project or repair. This credit card at the store is provided by Citi credit card and is backed by the approval of the card and special financing deals subject to creditworthiness. To be eligible to apply for this card Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, you need to have a good or excellent credit score. Making sure you pay your bills in full each month will mean you won’t have to pay interest if you are eligible for a special financing offer that allows you to enjoy an extended period of 0% interest to pay off more significant purchases.


  • Annual fee: $0 
  • Perks: 1 full year return policy.
  • Standard APR: 17.99% – 26.99%
  • Special financing: Up to 24 months on special promotions with minimum purchase requirements.
  • Everyday financing: 6 months no interest on purchases of $299 or more if paid in full within 6 months.
  • Welcome bonus: Up to $100 in savings. The offer is valid through January 26, 2022.

Lowe’s Advantage Card

Enjoy 5% off everyday purchases, special financing, or fixed monthly payments with low APR.

This card gives various ways to save money when using the store credit card to purchase items. If you buy using this Lowe’s Advantage Card, you can select which offers you would like to avail 5 percent off the purchases or special financing up to six months. If you are investing in more significant amounts, you might be able to enjoy a lower interest rate that includes 84 fixed monthly payments. To be eligible in this Lowe’s Advantage Card, you must have good or excellent credit, but the APR is the same regardless of the credit rating.


  • Annual fee: $0 
  • Perks: Exclusive cardmember events.
  • Standard APR: 26.99%
  • Special financing: 84 months fixed monthly payments with 7.99% APR on $2,000 or more purchases.
  • Everyday funding: 5% off purchases or 6 months no interest on purchases of $299 or more if paid in full within 6 months.
  • Welcome bonus: Receive 20% off when you open a new account, up to $100 off your purchase. The offer is valid through January 31, 2022.

Which is the right one for you?

First, you must choose what is the most important for you. If you like Home Depot or Lowe’s, selecting the best store credit card is simple. However, if you don’t, finding the perfect store credit card may be a bit more challenging.

If you’re planning to make an expensive purchase or purchase, one of the financing deals offered by the credit cards of each retailer can aid you in saving money on your home repair or improvement. Both credit cards from stores require a good credit score or better to be eligible for these deals, so you’ll consider checking the credit rating of yours if you don’t know your score before applying.

The Home Depot Card gives you up to one year to make purchases back using the card. If you’re unsure about a purchase or are more likely to take longer to make items, this could be the right choice for you. But, the Lowe’s Advantage Card grants you access to promotions for cardholders, such as a certain percent off of the purchase. The most recent advancement in 2020 offered 10% off eligible purchases charged through the lowe’s advantage Card. 

Are there choices worth considering?

If you are a proprietor of a company and you make purchases from Home Depot or Lowe’s, both of them have an enterprise credit card that might be a more suitable option to think about. They offer advantages and perks that are different from those for consumers—mentioned here.

  • Lowe’s Business Credit Cards: Get 5% off on purchases by utilizing 24/7 access to your online account with discounted delivery costs and a variety of options for invoicing and free returns for a year. This Lowe’s Business Advantage Credit Card provides no rate of interest over 60 days for eligible purchases. With the Lowe’s Business Rewards Card, you’ll earn 5% for your first 6 months’ worth of assets and 2percent after that, and make $100 cashback when you are approved for new accounts. 
  • Home Depot Commercial Account Card: There aren’t any spending restrictions. Instead, you can choose 30 or 60 days as the time frame for the price. If your card isn’t fully paid within this period and is not born in total, a late charge of $35 could be assessed, and you may be charged a higher APR.
  • For More Information Visit here.
  • Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge Card: Purchase employee cards and purchase tracking. It also comes with online account management, statement items, a 12-month return policy, and the Pro Xtra membership with additional benefits. 

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