Home Depot Health Check Login process and more

Home Depot is one of the largest retailers of construction tools, products, and other services in the United States, Canada, and parts of Mexico.

As one of the largest retailers, the company still has a significant workforce of around 500,000 people.With $ 132.11 billion in revenue, Home Depot has its own perks for its employees.

Home Depot has taken effective measures to protect its employees by changing the time and taking into account the main point the economy is facing due to the epidemics. Home Depot has developed a medical screening program for its partners outside of the United States. For the safety of customers and their partners.

Log into the Home Depot Health Check platform:

To login the home depot Health Check app, do the following:

1. The link to the main page of the web application is:, clicking on the link takes you to the page.

2. On the start screen there are two options, “Assistant” and another option for unaccompanied. This page also provides a simple explanation of the security audit process.

3. After selecting the appropriate option, you will also be prompted to enter your balance based on it. If the option selected is Associate, the system will ask for your location, username and password. If you choose SSC Non Associate, your basic information such as name, phone number, logo identification and company name will be recorded. 

Associate login process:

If you are an employee / assistant in the business the login process is very simple. All you need is:

1. Location

2. User ID and password

Click Login, you also need to fill out the requested questionnaire. If you don’t remember your password, there will be a link at the bottom of the login window that says “Forgot Password” and you will need to follow the password to reset your password. . 

Login process without SSC:

This is a separate entry option for resellers, contractors, and visitors to SSC Atlanta. This process is simpler, the following information is needed:

1. First and last name

2. Telephone number

3. If the person has a Home Depot contact name (this option is optional)

4th Badge ID

5. Company name

After entering this data, the next step is the verification.

 Advantages of the Home Depot Health Check app:

This application has its own advantages, along with other advantages that Home Depot offers its partners. The Home Depot Health Schedule offers programs for its members and their families. There are several types of benefits:

Vacation benefits:

Absence papers

• Public holidays

• The role of the jury

• Days of mourning

Financial benefits:

• Employee share purchase plans

• Future Builder 401 (k)

Banking incentives

Some services also vary based on hours worked and wages. Hourly and full-time workers enjoy more general benefits such as:

• Life insurance

• Disability insurance

• Accident, divorce and death insurance

• Other medical services like dentistry, vision

• Partner / employee discounts

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What you should know about Home depot

Mythdhr is one of the main partners of Home Depot In. From their site, business associates can access various packages designed especially for them.

They have a self-service page that allows you to review or change your account information, make changes to your withholding taxes, activate your pay card, change your address, and much more.

When using the site, it is always recommended that you use a secure connection, and if you need to print, make sure it is in a safe location for the printer.

To learn more or to print, visit the mythdhr self-service page. There are two different ways at the bottom of the page. One is for existing employees, while the other is for former LOA employees and associates.


Knowing the circumstances, Home Depot should make this change to improve the security of its customers and partners. This health check is mandatory for all members and must be done from time to time. The idea of ​​rejecting the status of the camp is only on holidays. The largest store is currently only available after studying the preventive health program. No questions should be left out as these can have different consequences. home Depot health checks are important for your partners and non-SSC to keep protect them in this environment.

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