Loving yourself and your belongings are vitally important. If a person wants to have joy in his life – it is crucial that every person has to make his surroundings well-enough to please himself. No matter how much money do you have with yourself! Even with a tighter budget, you can create a home-like a millionaire. The following decorating tips can help you in making your extra home flair.  

Gold Spray Paint:

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The touch of little golden spray can give your room a glamour that too even without spending a lot of money. A single coat of gold spray paint can take small accessories such as trays, vases, picture frames from bland to beautiful.

Furthermore, even if you are looking for something more significant, try painting mirror frame, side chair and shelving unit. Gold is considered luxurious.

Crown Moulding

Crown Molding Ideas for Your Home

There are hundreds of ways to make your home look expensive. No matter, if you have a tight budget, you can still make your home look expensive

Therefore, another one way is crown molding. By the help of crown molding, you can easily bridge the gap between walls and the ceiling.

Try to add up finishing touch, which looks stylish as well as elegant. Crown moulding is the best way to upscale your homes with Julie Barton homingpro.com.


Highly decorative styles always look great in large and spacious rooms, while small rooms can benefit simple styles.


25 Best Wainscoting Ideas - Gorgeous Wainscoting Photos

Wood panelling can make your home look expensive. Similarly, wainscoting is a type of wood panelling, which are installed on the bottom half of a wall.

However, previously this wainscoting is used to add up extra insulation to a wall. But, currently, it is used to decorate homes. It allows the user to use different squares or rectangular shapes on the bottom half of a wall.

Besides, to give an extra touch to your piece of design, make sure you paint the wall with the same color as the wall is.

Fresh Flowers

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Giving a fresh look to your home with different fresh flowers is the best thing to add up in your home. Colorful and fresh flowers can instantly lighten up your rooms and lounge.

Moreover, another benefit of adding up flowers is that it also makes the breathing process great. Adding up many flowers in a home is not necessary; instead, a small bunches of flowers can be added up, but make sure that the arrangement you display is not sparse. 

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Flimsy display of flower can make it look like it is cheaped out.

Styles Vignettes

To make your look tidy and clean – you have to place the items in your home thoughtfully rather than items are casually strewn. For example, bookshelves, mantel, or any other table in your home must be arranged thoughtfully.

To arrange bookshelves, make sure to arrange the books vertically and horizontally. For mantels, you must consider to give it a balanced display. By doing this, your home can be viewed as more pleasing than ever.

Large Scale Art

Filling your room with multiple arts create a great impact – eventually, make a room look like a large amount of money has been spent. Large and abstract painting are attracting than other simple and common paintings.

Apart from this, try to apply some artwork. Large geometric and multiple floral patterns tend to look better than simple pictures.

Eventually, you are the owner of your place, so you know better that what do you need to do and what suits your taste and looks best in your home.

Nailhead Trim

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Applying nailhead trim to furniture is an easy task – doing it yourself is the quickest way to give a high-end look.

Traditionally, the nailhead trim feature is used to reserve upholstered pieces to lend them to give a tailored appearance.  But nowadays, it has been using in different ways.

The most popular way is to cut it down and apply on some particular piece to give it an enhanced look. Moreover, you can apply it to any pattern you like, depending on the complexity and quality.


There is a common misconception about making your room look expensive. Nowadays, most of people believe that adding up more things to the room can make it look expensive.

However, the truth is, you can actually make your room look expensive and decorated by removing unnecessary items from your room and simplifying the room with essential items.


Always give items enough space to breathe so that they can easily stand out and shine.

Final Words

Decorating your home is all about the interest of a person. How deeply a person is involved or wants to be involved in decorating his/her house to make it look expensive. However, with our tips mentioned above, you can easily make your home look beautiful as well as impeccable. Try out these decorating tips so that you can make your home exceptional.