Home Decor and Design Trends That are In this 2020

Have you been on the constant lookout for the latest trends and hot ideas? Then you’re in for a treat! We have compiled some of the most recent trends you can watch out for when it comes to home décor and design. Will your home be ‘in” this 2020 or will you say pass?

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Here are some of the home decors and design trends interior designers have predicted for this year:

Bold and Vibrant Colors

More vibrant colors will make their way into your homes to make your decors stand out. Be it the wall, furnishings or other decorations, a pop of color will make your home stand out from the rest. Opt for Bold Yellow, Blush Pink, Dramatic Reds and different hues that can catch attention.

Quartz Elements in Kitchens and Bathrooms

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Quartz counters, countertops, and sinks are once again on the trending list this year so that you can say goodbye to granites. The good thing about quartz is that it is less expensive than granites, which means they not only look classy, but you can also save more money.

Vintage Lighting

Look what’s making another comeback? Vintage lighting will make any space look fashionable and luxurious. There are lots of lamps to choose from that can offer you and your home the astounding feel of the vintage vibe. You can find lots of old fixtures that can turn your space into “The Space.” online without leaving your home.

Chic 1970’s 

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Bring out your love for the 70’s by incorporating velvets and geometric patterns into your home. There’s something about geometric patterns that can give any space an instant upgrade with a modern twist. By including velvet pieces and furnishings, you get to welcome a funky yet sophisticated look and would look great in your living room and bedroom. 

Brass accents

Kiss your nickel and stainless steel accents goodbye, and say hello to brass! Brass frames, vases, lamps, antiques – you may remember them years ago when these are all over your granny and grandad’s house. These are a great alternative to the usual striking colors of decors and will give your home that cozy and subtle touch.

Decorative Storage

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Decorative Storages are a continuing trend this year, as we no longer sacrifice our love for beautiful furniture with functionality. Storages that can make a statement are now in demand, which is why many innovations have been continuously appearing for quite some time now. Make sure you contact your general contractors if you are planning to turn some part of your home into decorative storage.

Bold Floral Patterns 

Designers say floral prints are making a comeback with contrasting colors and exaggerated measurements. 

Low Maintenance Garden

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Don’t forget about your garden this 2020! Since everyone has a busy schedule, gardening this year would be about plants and greeneries that only need a little bit of love and care. Conifers, camellias and tropical plants will be in demand. Don’t have enough time for gardening? You can always ask for help to design and take care of your garden.

Barbie Pink and Millennial Pink 

There’s a debate going on about which of these two colors will stand out – pink or lavender. Nevertheless, you’ll be seeing these hues more often this year. Millennial pink had risen to fame when it made its way to our homes, and it seems it won’t be stopping anytime soon. Just take Milan for example – where you can see this beautiful color almost everywhere – and that’s the most famous fashion spot in the world.

If there’s a pattern with all these, it only goes to show that the classic and vintage themes are very much alive and kicking and that what used to be the trend are making a grand entrance for the nth time, only sprinkled with modern feels. How do you plan to decorate your home this year?