Home Automation with Open Source

Home Automation involves several devices which remain integrated with a hub which has its own software to handle multiple commands and operate accordingly. There are many devices available in market which can help in automating a home and several open source applications are also available which can be used in integrating and operating these devices to make a smart home. But these open source applications have different advantages and disadvantages associated with them. Though they are easy to install and integrate but still it involves many concerns which should be considered while choosing an open source smart home solution.

Advantages of open source automation solution:

Like other open source software, home automation open source has different advantages:

  • Cheaper solution than other branded and marketed interfaces.
  • Flexible to modify according to the requirement.
  • Created by community of different experts.

There are some disadvantages associated with open source programs also:

  • Though developed by different experts, it still not compatible with all the devices.
  • As source code is openly available for everyone, changes can be made to its features and functionality which might not be similar all the time.
  • The availability of source code could easily invite hackers to intervene in your privacy which is not good at all.
  • The interface might not be so user friendly as other solutions have.
  • Comes with limited support. Hence it is difficult to find the right solution on right time.

There are companies which provide automation solutions with open source and provide a secure and reliable smart home. Their system does not allow outsiders to peek into the source code and hence secure your private information from being hacked or spied. Smart Homes are the future of living. It is much more than the just switching on and off the lights automatically. Today even refrigerators, air conditioners, fans, coolers, chimneys, showers etc. are equipped with smart technologies which enable them to perform differently than usually they do.  With the help of open source, all these devices are integrated with your smart home system and give you a smart intelligent house.

Mixtile provides reliable solutions to home automation with their advanced devices like mixtile hubs, mixtile links, mixtile edge, smart relay switches, etc. All these devices are smart enough to handle multiple commands from different modes and provide a safer and efficient home automation. Mixtile provides the best interface which makes it more convenient to operate different devices installed in a home-like camera, smart switches, sensors like motion, fire detectors, gases, and water leakage detectors etc. easily. Mixtile uses open source but in a safer manner and as all the commands and information are processed centrally therefore internet is not all the time needed hence it saves all the personal information from being hacked.

Open sources are widely available and being continuously developed to make them more reliable and efficient. There are different open sources available that can be used to convert your house into an open-source smart home.