Home additions v/s extensions: Remodeling for comfortable living of a growing family

Several factors play an essential role while you decide to add more room to your house. You may want that extra space to set up a work-from-home office or accommodate your growing family.

In either case, it is inevitable to ponder upon building design, land size, and state regulations and compliance. Building home extension with Cameron Design & Construction, one of the most reputed builders in Australia can help you make the right and lawful decision.

Contemplating all these different factors along with your needs, likes, comfort, budgets, likes, and dislikes, makes the decision even more perplexing. However, fundamentally you can build additional spaces in two ways.

You can either go upwards and build an additional floor or go outward and create an extension. Both of these options are realistic and have individual pros and cons. Here we walk you through the benefits and limitations of each option to help you make an informed decision.

  • Home extensions on the ground floor

If you have ample space to extend your house on the ground floor itself, these home extensions are ideal to make your house bigger. Such extensions are often preferred if you have children or older people at home. However, you may need to do some extra work to prepare the ground for construction.

  • Common reasons for opting for extensions

In certain situations, people prefer to extend outwards which include the following.

  • Need for extra storage or family entertainment space.
    • Extension that merges with the house and creates open floor space.
    • Wish to spruce up the complete architectural layout.
    • Accommodating people with limited mobility or risk factors.
  • Pros of extensions They provide ample possibilities to seamlessly integrate indoors and outdoors.They are suitable for almost all home designs and architecture styles provided enough ground space is available.
  • Cons of extensions Extensions engulf your outdoor spaces and reduce the free open area.They limit the scope for the yard, garden, and other amenities.Pre-construction work for preparing the ground can significantly add to the cost.
  • Home additions at high floors

Adding a floor is a great option for creating extra space in the house without stretching outwards. Home additions are often less expensive than popular belief and can also extend homes with limited land area. While there will be some inconvenience and clutter, you can still construct an entire floor without evacuating your house. However, it is crucial to know the building height permissions in your area.

  • Common reasons for opting for additions

In the present day and age, people are inclining more towards extending their homes upwards and adding an extra floor. Common situations that make floor addition a preferred choice include the following.

  • Creating extra room for a growing family or a special bedroom for kids.
    • Building a second living space and enhancing the value.
    • Wish to co-live with your relatives while maintaining privacy.
    • Lack of ground space available.
  • Pros of additionsYou can extend your home without compromising on outdoor space.It is a pocket-friendly option to get extra living space.You can much better view from higher levels as compared to ground-level extensions.
  • Cons of additions You would need a staircase to use the extension which may not be convenient for all.You have to assess the suitability of your house for additional floors in terms of structural limitations and state regulations.


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