Five Fun Holiday Decoration Ideas You Have Never Tried

Five Fun Holiday Decoration Ideas You Have Never Tried
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Here you know about Five Fun Holiday Decoration Ideas You Have Never Tried. Christmas time is the perfect time to let out your creativity. Anyone can put some garland on their staircase and add some ribbons to their front porch. But you can find some fun and unique ways of decorating your home that your friends have never seen. You can do this by finding new ways to use your existing decorations both inside and outside this holiday season.


Outdoor Christmas Trees For Holiday Decoration

Who says that only pine trees deserve some lights? Take your maple trees, cherry trees and any other trees in your yard, add some lights and turn those trees into makeshift Christmas trees. You can even wrap empty boxes as gifts and place those fake gifts under the trees. Be careful if you want to add a significant amount of holiday lights to your home. You might even consider calling electrical contractors for help. They can help you ensure your home is up to code and can handle the extra lights.

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Preparations on Display

Instead of tucking away your wrapping paper, ribbon and tape in a drawer, put your preparations out on display. Use an old card catalog or a toolbox, fill the spaces with everything you need to wrap your gifts, and place the display in a useful place that visitors would also see. You’ll have everything you need on hand, but you’ll also create a fun and festive display too.

Ornament Chandelier For Holiday Decoration

Turn old ornaments into a fun chandelier for your home. Wrap small pieces of wire around the hook on the top of each ornament, and hang those decorations from the existing lighting fixtures in your home. You can also string those ornaments onto ribbon to add some more color to the room. This is a great way to display ornaments you worry might get broken on your tree, as well.

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Santa Pots

Make those planters and pots on your front porch fit with your holiday theme. Spray paint the pots with a few coats of red paint, and wrap a black leather belt around the midsection. If you don’t have any spare belts on hand, make your own from a few silver buckles and leather pieces.

Ornament Trees

If you have an old window screen on hand, you can make your own ornament tree. Hang a single ornament at the top of the screen, and arrange other ornaments on the screen, making each subsequent row slightly wider. Use a few brown or black ornaments at the very bottom to represent the base of the tree.

Why settle for the same decorations that you use every year? With these fun tips, you can incorporate some new and unique decorations into your home this holiday season.

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