A Cost Effective HME Medical Billing Solutions

In the United States the average HME medical billers and coding salary is $73,084 as of 26th February 2020 according to a report. Moreover, apart from their wages they also get perks like health insurance, long and short term disability insurance, paid vacation,  sick leaves and many more . This does not end here, a healthcare practice also have to take care of the employee training and their seminar class. Overall it is a huge expensive affair.

Where as in outsourcing your HME medical billing all this problem and extra cash flow can be avoided. Outsourcing your HME medical billing can not only eliminates the money that health care providers spend on their employees perks but reduces the overall operation cost. Sunknowledge services Inc is one such outsourcing revenue cycle Management organization working for more than a decade now.

Streamlining clients workflow and reducing the denial and rejection rate Sunknowledge services Inc is the one stop destination. Helping you focus on your core work like patients care, Sunknowledge experts release your in-house staff from all front end and back end responsibilities. Serving as an extension of clients internal team, Sunknowledge services experts ensure the highest first pass collection rate. Being proficient in working on different billing software like CPR + HME, Kareo, Brightree and many more the experts offers seamless transition. Being capable with working on any client proprietary platform the experts take extra initiative by ensuring doctor office follow-up and patient call.

With a robust redundancy plan (disaster management plan) Sunknowledge works on reducing 80% clients operating cost. Providing 99.9% accuracy rate with a lesser chance of denial and claims rejection, Sunknowledge for HME medical billing is the one stop solution.

In fact, partnering with Sunknowledge services Inc, clients have not only experienced enhanced revenue generation but also closing of faster authorization gaps. With a low service charge Sunknowledge offers the highest productivity metrics which no other revenue cycle Management organization can offer.

What makes Sunknowledge different than other HME medical billing organizations

  • Sunknowledge services inc is the only RCM organization offering pre billing activities
  • Sunknowledge services have no cost dedicated account manager for any medical billing assistance
  • Sunknowledge services can meet and beat any price in the market

With more than 100 satisfied clients and excellent industry reference, Sunknowledge services Inc is here to help by providing seamless HME medical billing solutions at low service charge and quick reimbursement.

For more information on what difference Sunknowledge services Inc can offer for your practice, get in touch with the experts itself.