History of Online Slots: Milestones That Affected the Industry

Have you ever been curious about how exactly the online slot came to be? When you grow up with something it is so easy to accept that it has always been that way and you never even question what came before. Online slots have a rich history. The online slot you know has come a long way. Find below some of the milestones that shaped the online slot including Rainbow Riches slots as we know it today.

Before Online Slots

In order to effectively explain how online slots have evolved over time, it is important that we know how slots looked before online slots were invented. The earliest forms of slot machines were mechanical. Symbols included fruit pieces, bars, bells, and horseshoes. On one of the sides, there was a lever that you needed to pull in order to set the reels in motion. Initially, the machines paid out in tokens and gum, but later on, automated payout mechanisms were added.

Electromechanical Slots

The first move made toward online slots came in the form of electromechanical slots. In the year 1964, soon after electricity started becoming more common, the first electromechanical slot was created. It was during this phase that the lever we have come to associate with slots was removed.

Video Slots

Just eight years after the introduction of the electromechanical slot machine, the first video slot was created. It was created and developed exclusively for the Hilton Hotel, which was situated in Las Vegas. This video slot featured the graphic user interfaces that are essential to modern online slots. One could thus say that the online slot was born in Vegas.

Over the span of a few years some adjustments were made, which expanded on the initial design. These included additional bonus rounds and special features.

The Online Slot

In the late 1990s the internet made its appearance and with it came the first online casinos. This was a big milestone in the history of online slots. For the first time players had slot games at their fingertips. They could now play slots from the comfort of their homes. It was thus no surprise when people preferred to play online where they had a vast majority of slots to choose from, instead of heading outside to a casino (if there was even one close by). However, the convenience factor of playing slots online did not stop there. In no time bulky desktop computers were replaced by compact and mobile laptops, which were then supplemented by many other smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. Today, all you need to play slots is a phone with an internet connection.

Final Thoughts

When looking back at how online slots have evolved it is clear that they have come a long way. While slots essentially work in the exact same way that they always have, they look a lot different now. Today you are met with a multitude of choices, as online slots come in all different shapes and sizes.