History of Floral Arrangements

Flowers are the most beautiful creation of God. Every culture has different sets of beliefs and opinions. But, when it comes to flowers, everyone considers them with uttermost respect and admiration. Order flowers from Blooms Villa by online flower delivery in Bangalore. You can order flowers just by few clicks and get delivered instantly at the convenience of your home. We provide you with the best quality flowers in bouquets, glass arrangements, baskets, vase and so many other beautiful arrangements. Have you ever wondered how the various methods of flower arrangements came into existence? Well, you must be surprised to know that the history of floral arrangement dates back to the ancient Egyptian times. 

Egyptians regularly cut flowers and placed them in the vases. They made use of extremely stylized arrangements of flowers during funerals, processions or for decorations. Flowers used for arrangements are selected on the basis of the symbolic meaning or religious significance. For instance, the Lotus flower or Water Lily was the sacred flowers and were often included in arrangements. Flowers commonly used in Egyptian history were Poppies, Roses, Delphiniums, Lotus, Acacias, Violets and so on. Egyptian designs were characterized by clarity and simplicity, with the repetition of a particular pattern. 


The ancient Greeks also used traditional flower arrangements for adornment. In this culture, herbs were frequently used with flowers to make wreaths and garlands. Major flowers used in the Greek floral arrangements were Lilies, Roses, Iris, Violets, Hyacinths, Orchids and so many herbs and seed pods were also used. Most of the Greek arrangements were triangular and symmetrical. Very limited colours were used in the Greek floral arrangements. White, being a symbol of purity was the most commonly used colour of flowers. Order beautiful flowers by online flower delivery in Kolkata.

The ancient Romans also adopted the same methods of flower arrangements that were used by the Greeks. They focused more on wreaths and garlands and did not use vases for decorations. These wreaths and garlands were decorated with a mix of traditional flowers and foliage. The most commonly used foliages are acorns, laurels, oak leaves, bay, parsley and ivy. In Greece, the garland wreaths symbolized honour, dedication and power, and because of this, they are used to award soldiers, poets, athletes and leaders for their honourable work. In both Greece and Rome, flowers were also used for religious rites. Ancient Romans loved Roses so much that in their parties which were referred to as ‘Hour of Rose’, they covered the entire floor with rose petals. Order splendid flowers online to surprise your loved ones.


In Chinese culture, the history of flower arrangements dates back to the Han Era. At that time, flowers played a vital role in religious teaching and medicine. The Buddhists, the Taoists and the Confucianists placed cut flowers on their altars. Many paintings on vases, plates and silk; carvings on wood, bronze and ivory, and embroidered items are created by them. In Buddhist culture, flowers and leaves were chosen for arrangements based on their symbolic meaning. For example, the bamboo, peach and pear represent longevity. The orchid, tiger lily and pomegranate symbolized fertility. Do you know that Peony was the most honoured of all the flowers in the Chinese culture? Yes, you heard it correct. It was considered a symbol of good luck, wealth and high status and therefore known as the ‘King of Flowers’. 

The Byzantine Empire in China made a further contribution in floral arrangements that included a cone-shaped design. The foliage was placed in urns, which were used to decorate with bright coloured flowers and fruits. Flowers which were used in these arrangements were Daisies, Carnations and Lilies. Ribbons were also used in a twisted effect. Stylized trees in containers were made with flowers and foliage in large baskets or low containers. These used neighbouring and complementary hues such as blue-green or green and so on. Order exclusive order cake online Delhi from Blooms Villa to give to your sweet mom.


When flower arranging arrived in Europe, it was particularly popular in churches where flowers were used for food and for decoration. In Italy, paintings of splendid floral arrangements on vases became popular. Flowers were being considered as fashionable during the Victorian period. To your surprise, there was no proper style, but due to many vibrant flowers, the arrangements look impressive. In this era, flowers were considered superior and classy. The Renaissance Period also witnessed various interesting floral arrangements. Flowers used in this period were Daisies, Lilies, Roses, Violets and so many more. The Baroque Period was marked by asymmetrical arrangements in large containers with incorporated accessories. Flowers which were most commonly used in this period were Canna, Peony, Marigold, Lilies, Roses and so on. Buy bouquet online from Blooms Villa and give to your dearest ones.

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